Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ding! Ding! Ding! We Have A Winner!

I found out that my wait for replacement heads for Eugenia and Natalia is going to be a long one.  I got an e-mail from IT Patient Care that they were shutting down to attend to matters of the upcoming convention and wouldn't re-open until November 5.  I have an inner struggle with paying $270 for defective merchandise and waiting six to eight weeks for a replacement.

One doll from the spring reveal that I've been eagerly anticipating is Full Spectrum Veronique.  I get excited about short-haired dolls; they are few and far between.  When this doll was announced I told a friend, "She is either going to be amazing like Sheer Goddess (one of my all-time favorite Veronique dolls), or they'll really mess up the cut."

Here is a photo of the doll still in her box that I received from my dealer.  No eye problems.  No hair problems.  Everything is just right!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!
She came with a ring (can't have enough of those), a cute pair of earrings, and two standard issue bracelets.   The shoes are a perfect match to the dress in color and are excellent pumps to have in the shoe collection.  There was a pair of extra hands and a negligible purse.   This purse actually gets the award for worse purse ever produced by IT.
I love this dress!  It is a great addition to the FR2 wardrobe.   The fabric choice, cut and design are perfect to scale.  Here is how she looks right out of box.
And sounding a little like Nina Garcia, "A lovely surprise from behind."
One of the things I especially love about Full Spectrum is that she returns to representing the mature woman who runs a fashion conglomerate - the original storyline behind Veronique Perrin.  Here is a close up of Full Spectrum Veronique wearing the 2010 Monogram Escapade jacket and skirt.  They fit beautifully.
No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  It is not the exact same doll.  I had decided to watch e-bay for a second, nude version of this doll for a body donor.  That doll arrived last week.  I prefer the face up and hair on this doll to the one I received.  Several collectors have noted there is a great deal of variance in this doll's face ups, hairlines, and face shapes.  It reminds me of last year's Out Sass Vanessa.  Although the difference is quite subtle in my dolls, the one I chose to keep has longer hair in the back, and her face seems a little thinner.

I added the blouse from 2010's FR2 Bergdorf Goodman's Fashion Night Out Luchia to get this effect.
Full Spectrum's short hair allows you to showcase the exquisite detailing of this shirt with its double collar.   I love this doll!
I was beginning to get seriously worried about my future with IT dolls.   Just when you think about throwing in the towel, a girl like this comes along.  She brings a new element to my collection- a more mature sophistication that has been lacking.  I couldn't be happier with Full Spectrum Veronique.


billa's dolls and fashions said...

She's a winner, mine was perfect too! I love her!

Troy said...

Enjoyed reading this entry very much. I've been debating whether to pick her up or not. I, too, like a variety of hairstyles and colors for my dolls, and she seems like a nice entry. Reading about the variations in face ups and hair makes it seem like seeing the doll in person would be preferable to ordering online if the seller doesn't have a picture of the specific doll. Need to think that over a bit.

Phyllis said...

I agree with Billa, she is indeed a winner! I love everything about her except for the fact that she isn't mine. :(

Anonymous said...

The short hair is perfect, I like dolls with short hair. A very stylish beauty!

Roville said...

Love her short hair, and loved this post because it was like having the enjoyment of watching someone lost in the pleasure of play.

Troy said...

Update: I did purchase her after reading your review. So glad I did, because she is just beautiful. Thank you for the recommendation!

universoplástico said...

Agreed with all of your words describing this amazing lady. as far as I am concerned this is the right look for a business woman like Vero, she looks mature and strong. Mine arrived this morning and I can´t stop admiring her, simply perfect, if she were come out in platinum/blonde hair we had a mini Sharon Stone at home however a second one to be rerooted it´s not a bad idea.
I do not see Urban Safari here but who cares, some changes in accessories might help, I am thinking on adding an animal print purse or shoes.
She wearing pants..... to die for..