Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Language of Flowers

Although, like so many other collectors, I try to be private about my hobby around colleagues, I do have some close friends who know that I collect dolls.  One of my teacher friends got a contract to teach overseas this past year.  She found a doll there that was dressed like a student and sent it to me as a Christmas gift.  It just arrived recently.

It is made by the same manufacturer of Pullips.  Here is a photo of the box.  The doll's name is Cymbidium.
When you open the box, it is packaged on a satin pillow.  The entire presentation is just lovely.
The label states, "Welcome to the AI world!  Cymbidium - the code for flowers: Gorgeous love." It seems all of these dolls are named after flowers!
A cymbidium is type of orchid.  It comes in different colors.  Because of how the doll is dressed, I chose a picture of a yellow one.  Although she was a late Christmas present gift, she is arriving just in time for Valentine's Day which one of the best days to receive flowers!
I was surprised to find that this was a ball jointed doll!  It is plastic, but is really quite well made.  It is strung together just like the higher quality resin dolls.   Just look at the detail!  Her "skull cap" attaches with a magnet.  You can actually change the angles of the eyes or even switch them out - but I love green eyed dolls.
Here is Cymbidium dressed for school.  She came with a stock blonde wig.  (At first I thought she was a little boy and was quite giddy, but she is a cute little tomboy!)
There is even a lot of detail on the back of the clothing.  Just look at those darling little cat faces!
"May I please have my book bag?"
"And I need my composition book for writing down my homework."
So … as everyone is asking … how tall is this doll?  How does she proportion to other dolls?  Here, she meets her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Paris.
And she makes a new friend, (I believe this is a Stacey or Kelly doll)
She is quite a bit larger than the Mattel little ones, but she looks pretty good with Misaki as a child doll.

The quality of this doll is outstanding.  I was beginning to worry about the gift that I sent my friend - that I may have considerably underspent.  I looked the AI dolls up on e-bay, and, although some sellers are asking $130+ for them, they can actually be found for less than $35 shipped.   Now that's a good deal for a dolly fix.  I may need another to keep Cymbidium company.  Maybe my husband could send me a "new flower" as his Valentine's Day gift this year!

After all, she really doesn't take up much room.   And she IS cute as heck!


Lisa Neault said...

Oh I havea few tiny bjd's but she looks so cute! Someone posted on Doll Divas about these dolls and everyone instantly fell in love! What a wonderful present...My Felix brownies may be needing a big brother or sister- she is adorable!

jSarie said...

She's so little!

I've seen photos of the tiny Ai dolls floating around, but I always thought they were YoSD-sized. How wonderful that she's so petite!

Mustiwait said...

Thats a very nice gift.

Brini said...

Congratulation on gift, she is a pretty doll. I would be in tears if a friend sent me a doll! Just knowing she thought of me enough to send me something so cute!