Thursday, February 13, 2014

Integrity Toys Reveal #1 - 2014

I don't usually do a review of the W Club Reveals, but I have cabin fever.  Today is Day 3 of our Atlanta Snow/Ice storm.  Maybe we'll play a little game just for fun.  I only pre-ordered ONE doll from this reveal.  (This does not include entering the lottery for Victoire.)   Let's see if anyone can guess which doll I ordered.

Members of the W Club got a great treat yesterday.  Starting a little after 10:00 a.m., Integrity Toys started sending their e-mails previewing the first dolls issued to the public in 2014.  I'm sure other blog sites will be copying the e-mails in their entirety to share.  I will keep this post brief.

The first e-mail was for the Dynamite Girls (and Boys).   This year's theme is "Love Revolution".   It's sort of a "shopping at the thrift store in an artsy college town" sort of vibe.  The dolls are expected to arrive at dealers in May.  Their price point was $70 each, which is still a super price for a quality doll with so many accessories.
The first doll shown was Free Spirit Jett.  She's wearing a white eyelet jumper and denim vest.  She had an edition release of 400.
The second doll is Own the Moment Aria.  She is wearing the most wonderful Boho Chic maxi dress. with an awesome hat.  Her edition size was 400 also.
She reminds me a great deal of Aqua Bella.  My husband, Craig, won this doll for me on stage at the Orlando Convention.  (BTW - Aqua Bella is from the 2011 Check Mate Collection and is no longer available.  She is shown for comparison purposes only.)
IT is famous for taking one mold, changing it's ethnicity, and giving it a new character name.  This time around it was Sooki.  Sooki is now African American and is called Tooka.  She is Natural Beauty Tooka.   Her outfit is really cute - love the bird print of the dress.  The denim crop jacket is a nice addition.  Her edition size is 300.
Next up is All American Auden.  LOVE the tattoo!! IT did collectors a favor by releasing the boys in an edition size of 750!
The last boy, also in edition of 750, was Take It Easy Cruz.
He is reminiscent of one of the Color Infusion buys from 2012.  (Photo for comparison only - this doll was a 2012 Convention Exclusive and can only be purchased via secondary market.)
Take It Easy Cruz also reminds me a great deal of Phil from the last cycle of America's Next Top Model.  (Unfortunately, Phil's photo is just shown for comparison as well.  Sadly, he is not available for purchase!)

The last doll is Exclusive with R & D Toys.  It can only be purchased through this retailer.  It is a return of the Susie doll and is called Sweet Freedom Susie.  She is in edition size of 300.
The next group of dolls revealed was from the Jem and Holograms line.   These dolls are on the same body as the Color Infusion Lab dolls.   They are expected to arrive at retailers in mid March and all retail for $119.

First up was Raya Alonso.  She was the drummer and is known as the the "fifth Hologram".  I wonder if that is anything like a "third wheel"?  She was in an edition size of 750.
Next is Jetta Burns who was the Saxophonist for The Misfits and will be released in an edition size of 750.
The final doll in this collection was Astral Eldrich.  She is a magician and friend of Jem, but must not have been as popular at concerts since she will be released in an edition size of only 500.  It's the yoke all opening acts must bare.
I only have two FR16 dolls currently in my collection.   I purchased the W Club Attention Please Saskia Tate because she was an exclusive to W Club members.  Everyone knows that you can't have a single in a line because they get lonely, so I purchased a Fit To Print Anais on clearance to keep her company.  All of these dolls are in an edition size of 300 are expected to arrive in May.  All dolls in this line represent a "re-imagined" version of a very popular 12" IT character.

First up is a new character Hanne Erikson.  This version is called Platinum Society.
She was based on Silver Society Veronique of 2002. (A doll that can only be purchased on the secondary market - I own this ensemble and it is one of my very favorites!)
Which was also the basis of Diamond Society Eugenia from the 2009 Integrity Convention.  (This doll can only be purchased on the secondary market and fetches quite a price!)
Next up is Amethyst Factor Anais McKnight.
She is based on Purple Factor Adele Makeda from 2003.  (Again, this doll is only shown for reference. She can only be purchased on the secondary market.)
Then we got Cosmetic Surrender Elsa Linn.
She was based on one of my favorite Integrity Dolls ever - Cosmetic Takeover Natalia Fatale.  Although this photo was taken from the "Jason Wu Dolls Reference List" website (, it was published on the site with the permission of the photographer identified as Topaze aka LittleBlackButterfly.
Elsa Linn made a second appearance as Hot Blooded.
Kyori Sato originally wore the ensemble Red Blooded Woman in 2004.  (Again, another beautiful doll that can only be purchased on the secondary market.)
The last doll is an exclusive with Couture Dolls, which is a recent off-shoot from Angelic Dreamz that was created to sell only IT products.  It is another Hanne Erikson doll - this time wearing Obsidian Culture.
This represents one of the most popular Vanessa dolls - Obsidian Society who was released in 2006.
These dolls make a beautiful collection together.  I am not fond of their face-ups this time around, but I hope to get all the clothing pieces on secondary market.

The only other doll shown was the "event doll" which could not be purchased.   W Club members had to enter a lottery to purchase this doll.  She is one of the most eagerly anticipated dolls because she was previewed at the 2013 Integrity Convention.   She is Evening in Montreal Victoire Roux.  I love the chocolate color of the dress!
Since FR has switched everything over to the FR2 body, Victoire quickly became my "go to" girl.  She can wear almost all of the FR clothing pieces (tall and short!), as well as a lot of the Monogram and NuFace clothing.  If you follow my blog, you know how much I love dressing her in Vintage Barbie items.   I entered the lottery with both my memberships and hope to win her.  Fortunately for collectors, her edition size was 600!

Now, can you guess which doll I pre-ordered?   I am proud of self-restraint.   If you are planning to order, you better hurry over to a dealer.  We all know how quickly IT dolls sellout, and no one wants to pay secondary market prices for their dolls.

All photos in this blog are owned by Integrity Toys, excluding the photo of Cosmetic Takeover for which credit was mentioned within the blog.


Lucinda Lynn Lawler said...

I guess Obsidian Culture or Take it Easy. Love your Blog, BTW!

Lucinda Lynn Lawler said...

I am not getting anything.

Dollz4Moi said...

I feel that if you didn't fall for Aria then I feel you went for a FR:16. I think Obsidian Hanne..hmm

Rich Benson said...

I have a guess….but I may have an unfair advantage :) But I think you succumbed and ordered Hot Blooded Woman Elsa Lin.

Georgia Girl said...

My guess is that you ordered take it Easy Cruz