Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who Wears It Best?

I'm not sure why I am in such a nostalgic mood lately, but I can't stop playing with my vintage clothing items.  Those who have been collecting for a long time realize the effects of the Barbie Reproduction Line on vintage.  Between Mattel's re-issue of some very desirable and rare vintage items and the new role the internet plays in a collector's hunt for finding items, the value of many vintage items have plummeted.

I can remember as a collector in the 1980's seeing the simple sheaths in this blog going for over $100.   I've bought a couple mint ones recently on e-bay for less than $20.

Although I have several vintage Barbies, I don't like redressing them often; I am afraid of damaging them.  I am also very careful with some of the harder to find outfits.   I think that is why I enjoy my IT dolls so much.

After my last blog entry, I was thinking about how different IT lines looked in Vintage clothing.   "It's too bad I don't have several of the same outfit to take a photo of the different dolls together," I mused.

Then it came to me.  I have several sheaths which have the same cut.  So here we go!

L-R Blue Dress: FR2, Green Dress: FR, Flowered Dress: Victoire Roux, Red Dress: NuFace, Green Dress: Monogram.  I cut the heads off the picture because I found them too distracting!  

While redressing, I found that he FR body actually looks the best, but is closely followed by the Victoire Roux.   The Monogram and FR2 bodies were actually quite similar in the dress.  I was very surprised to find that the dress fit the FR2 body as well as it did.  I had to pull the dress on the NuFace out a little to help in the bust area.  It was just way too loose.  I'm sure the NuFace would wear Francie clothing better.

What do you think?

Here is the photo with the heads.   I think they all look very lovely.

BTW - this blog post comes to you compliments of Atlanta School Closings today.  This morning they announced that some poor souls had spent upwards of 18 hours trying to get home yesterday afternoon.   There were students and teachers who spent the night in local schools.  Gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores stayed open for stranded motorists - many of them sleeping on the floors!


Cindi Mortensen said...

Hello! I'm a new member of your blog. You take such beautiful photos! I live in Cleveland, Ga. Check out my blog: I do Barbie photostories, but I posted pics of our snow yesterday. :-)

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I love them all!


billa's dolls and fashions said...

this is interesting! they all look fine but I like better how it fits on FR2 and Victoire Roux, looks more "natural"...
Your collection is great and your posts with the "whole lines" are extremely useful!

The grandmommy said...

They all look great! Maybe the first three from the left look the best.

Jaël said...

I love them all, but Victoire is by far my favorite!