Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Versatile ...Victoire Roux

After I fixed the vintage fur hat last week using the bread tie wire, it renewed my interest in my Vintage Barbie clothing.   Unfortunately, there are few IT lines that can successfully wear Vintage Barbie.   Arms and legs are usually too long.  The original FR dolls using the first three body generations wore these clothes beautifully.  As bodies become brittle or discolored, the fun of redressing these dolls is over.

My photoshoot with the Stage Diorama reminded me that there was one IT line that looks great in most Vintage Barbie - Victoire Roux.

I jumped on the Victoire bus the minute it pulled into the station.   Victoire was released to attendees of the 2011 IT Convention as an Integrity-Direct Exclusive.
The doll released at the 2011 Convention was Faubourg Saint Honore.  For me, it was love at first sight.  I was lucky to buy one of the "left over" dolls from Integrity.
At the 2011 IT Convention, they also offered a separate outfit called Avenue Montaigne.
This was a no-brainer.  The checkout system was acting up, so I wound up with two of these.  I sold one at cost to another collector.   Victoire's clothing is being designed by the incredibly talented Chris Stoeckel who really knows his vintage!
This outfit reminds me of Aperitif at the Balthazar - an earlier IT ensemble designed for the shorter dolls.
Victoire really rocks the earlier IT clothing.
I am fortunate to have all Victoire dolls produced so far.  Fortunately for me, there have only been nine.  None of them have been available through retail.  Here is reference card for anyone interested.

This is a photo I took at the 2012 Convention of Place Vendome displayed.  Just look at the attention to detail - IT truly at its finest.

Attendees at the 2013 W Club luncheon received a lovely ensemble, Night at Ciro's, as a complimentary gift for their $45 luncheon fee.  This photo is property of Integrity Toys.  I haven't put this ensemble on a doll yet.
Not only can Victoire wear earlier IT clothing and silkstone ensembles, she looks beautiful in Vintage Barbie.   Here is full shot of her wearing Saturday Matinee.  This is one of my very favorite Vintage outfits.   I added the feather to the hat and the gold belt.
I am totally in love with this look.
Recently, I've been purchasing "Pak" pieces on e-bay.  The prices are awesome.  "Pak" pieces were separates sold during the Vintage heyday.   You could purchase slacks, jumpers, body blouses, pencil skirts, full skirts, and shorts.   Here is Victoire wearing the pink jumper with full skirt.
I am finding so much enjoyment with this doll.   Most of my Victoire collection is still in their boxes because I am hoping to get a special display cabinet just for them.   Until then, Faubourg and St. Tropez are getting an unusual amount of attention.


The grandmommy said...

So very nice! These outfits make my stomach tighten with envy.LOL One day why not share all of your collection at once. I already know it is awesome!

Roville said...

Your photos are always so beautiful. Even though I am not a fan of period dolls, you make yours look impressive.