Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'll Trade You 20 Monster High Dolls For ...

"Oh Chaundra!  I need you do a blog!"
"And exactly what will be in it for me, human?  You know I've been on the shelf since you got me this leather suit.  Not that I'm complaining because I really do love this suit.  But, you know it is beginning to get too warm for leather ... and this is July 4th Weekend."

"Well ... call down Darla ... there was a package in the mail for you two."
Whispering to Darla ... "Stick with me ... Remember ... we don't know nothing ... If we're smart, we'll stay out of trouble and still manage to get something out of this."

"OK human, first I have to say that I haven't had a margarita in months.  And we don't even know where you are keeping your credit card these days.  So, we are completely innocent this time."

"I know that Chaundra.  But I saw these and thought of the two of you ... and I do need a blog post."
"Huh?!"  A little confused, Chaundra yells, "I call the green one!"  She snatches the green ensemble and runs.
"Okay, let's get a chair, so I can act like those ladies on The View." 
"Human ... we love our summer outfits.  Thank you.  I guess, I'll start the blog now."

Readers, Go clean out your closets right this minute!   My human used to get so anxious looking in her doll closetS.  Yes, I meant to bold and underline the “s” to emphasize there were more than one closet.   There was so much just sitting in there unopened and un-enjoyed.    
Even without the help of "The Committee", she decided to sell her secret stash of Monster High dolls.   She had been sneaking these dolls in and hiding them in the closet.  There were three big boxes of them NRFB. And you talk about CREEPY!
Sometimes the human comes across a little dense, but she was smart enough to check e-bay first to see what they were selling for.  Some of those weird dolls that cost $16 were selling for upwards of $100.   She priced them very reasonably and managed to sell EVERY ONE of them on The Doll Page.   She made enough money to buy us a whole new wardrobe, but decided to buy TWO NRFB dolls from her Grail List.  When is she ever going to learn?  Why keep bringing dolls in - even though the sell of the MH dolls brought her total for sold dolls up to 50 this year!   She has convinced herself that she is in great shape for those rules!!
Let's start with High Drama Eugenia.  She has been on her grail list or a very long time.  High Drama is very difficult to find at a good price.  She was from the 2007 “The Royal Life” Integrity Convention.  She was a table centerpiece and there were only 150 in her edition size.  Here is a photo of her NRFB:
To me, she just looks like another tall white doll with big breasts.  I still haven't figured out the human's infatuation with these dolls.  Here is the front of the storycard.  The back just has a web address for the story.
 I guess as far as Fashion Royalty dolls go, she does have a cute face.  But everyone knows those evening gowns are just not practical.
The accessories for this doll were a little sparse ...
But that obviously hasn't affected the resell market or this doll.  Here is a photo of her out of the box.
Here she is with her sister doll “Talking Drama”.   “High Drama” was based on this version of Adele, with a different colored gown.  Aren’t they beautiful together??

Next up, I have Lustrous Silhouette Adele.  The human has wanted this gown FOR-EV-ER.  LS Adele is another doll that is very difficult to find NRFB.  She is from 2005 - an edition size of 500.   
When you take her out of the box, you get a really big surprise in the back!!  Just look at that chain - if I was into gowns this would be in my closet! 
This girl really knows how to wear this gown!

Of course Lustrous had to be rebodied!  I don't know why all of these dolls have to be put on tall bodies ... the human is very confusing sometimes.    Here she is …

LS Adele has a beautiful faceup.  She will be able to fit into the collection beautifully.
The gown seems just a tad short on these tall bodies - which is sad since the human wanted the doll specifically for the gown, but the Victoire girls can definitely wear it.  The Funny Face dolls and other dolls on shorter bodies in the collection will also look good in this dress. 
The human may miss her Monster High dolls a little (I'm certainly not!), but these girls are helping her get over them quickly! 

"So, how was that, human?"

"You did a great job, Chaundra.  Thank you."


Ms. Leo said...

Great outfits and dolls too! I won't think that MH dolls would go for that much! Congrats!

Georgia Girl said...

Congratulations on getting two of your grail dolls. They are quite lovely.

D7ana said...

Congratulations to you on the new Grail dolls. Nice to see your Integrity ladies in Randall Craig summer fashions.

Vanessa said...

Good seeing Chandra and Darla again. They look great in their summer outfits. Love both your new dolls. Both dresses are gorgeous.