Friday, February 1, 2013


Imagine a doll collector on an island far out at sea.  They do not have internet access.  They don't have money for a "dolly fix".   Then put my face on that doll collector.

The good news is that I won the W Club lottery for the opportunity to purchase the exclusive gift set "Let's Just Kiss and Make Up".   The bad news is ... five new dolls with only two weeks to come up with payment.  I am on self-imposed exile from anything doll-related where I can be tempted to spend money.  No E-bay - No Doll Page - No Marketplace Thread on W Club.  It will take me until the end of February to recuperate from this one!  So, I will enjoy what is already here!!

You may have noticed my "Want to Purchase" list in the left margin.  It's been there for a few weeks now.  I decided to make a list of five dolls that I would like to own.  I won't purchase previously released dolls that are not on this list.  (I am hoping this will cut down on spontaneous purchases and help my budget.)  To keep things realistic, a couple of the dolls listed can be purchased at reasonable secondary market prices.

The first doll to be purchased from the list is Talking Drama Adele.  She's been a couple of weeks but is finally being deboxed.
I found this doll NRFB on E-bay with a BIN price $25 below its original retail price.  You can't imagine my excitement.  Although I'm not a "gown" person, this Adele has the most beautiful face. 
The second version of Adele is one of my favorite FR molds.  Bodacious and The Muse are two of my very favorite dolls that I own.  I was very disappointed when this mold was replaced at the 2011 Convention.  Although I can appreciate the new mold, I don't think it is nearly as beautiful as the girls from this mold.

This particular doll reminds me of "Miss Royaltini".  Only I think I like this doll better.  I washed and boil permed her hair. 

When released, you see how wrinkly the dress really is from being stored for years NRFB.
Here is a photo of the back.
As a teacher, I sometimes get gift certificates form my students.  I had received some for Target and found this little handy, dandy doll necessity.  It is a Rowenta, hand-held steamer.  It cost less than $30.
This is what it looks like out of the box.  The water reserve is a little small, but it is still perfect for doll clothing.
Here is a photo of Adele after the dress was steamed.  This is the first time I've used a steamer.   (The net slip was also steamed.)  This is from the front.
Now, look at the amazing result from behind.  I am surprised by how much this little steamer improved the dress in only a few short minutes time.  Since there was no direct heat, I didn't hurt the fabric at all.

Here are the cool shoes ... they have velcro closures. 
And, of course, a closeup of this beautiful face and all of the hair ornamentation.  I don't think I'll be able to remove this effectively, and I know I will never be able to put it back.  So, I'll have to redress her in things that will support this.

I had decided I wanted this particular doll on a handspeak system body; however, I was unable to find one the exact match.  When I started looking at the Adeles in my collection, I realized that my favorites.  The Muse, Bodacious, and Main Event all have slightly different color variations.  Talking Drama is lighter than The Muse and a little darker than Bodacious.  This only makes me love her more. 
She was so worth the wait!!  Now, who will I put on the "Want to Purchase" list to replace her.  She is definitely here to stay!


D7ana said...

Congratulations on getting that great selection. I look forward to seeing them here.

Vanessa said...

She's beautiful. That gown is to die for. I may have to invest in one of those steamers. I used one many years ago and they are great.

Georgia Girl said...

Gorgeous!! She is now on my wish list.

Phyllis said...

I recently found your blog and have just finished days of reading your entire blog! You have an amazing collection and take such wonderful pictures and your writing is very entertaining! I have marked you as a favorite!