Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Do NOT Collect Poppy Parker

To say the least, my relationship with Poppy Parker has been a rocky one.  There are days I consider selling my whole collection - then there are days I look at my Poppys and think, "She's so CUTE!"   I actually tell people, "I don't collect Poppy." 

When Poppy was announced in 2009, I was very excited.  I was hoping she would be the American friend of my Misaki girls.  I loved Misaki dolls and had most of them from 2006 - 2009.  Unfortunately, Poppy doesn't look quite right with Misaki - she's truly a character all her own.

Since I started collecting with the first release, I guess I was on the "Poppy Train" from the beginning.  Even though I often ride in the caboose and have been known to get off the train at a station now and then.   I remember all of the naysayers in those early years ... all of the complaints about the body style.  People being all upset with her feet and their FR dolls' shoes not fitting.  Since I already collected Misaki, I had a collection of footwear.  The two dolls are a similar height and body style (including the ankle joint).   Summer Magic was released from her packaging immediately and has been a permanent resident in my collection.  I can't seem to ever get rid of her.
From the original releases, I decided to purchase only one of the dark-haired girls.  I chose Reluctant Debutante over Portrait in Black because I loved the white furry coat.  I kick myself over skipping PIB - I can still remember her being clearanced at dealers!   RD is still NRFB.  Her secondary market value keeps climbing and I've been nervous to debox her.
That first year I also purchased Holiday in the Hamptons and Endless Summer. I sold ES, but HITH keeps RD company NRFB.  She has a gorgeous face.
I had the opportunity to purchase Center of Attention, but opted for Silver Zinger instead.  I love my SZ Agnes but sometimes still regret that decision.  Center of Attention is the hardest Poppy to acquire.

The following year Poppy's face-up changed.  I didn't like it so much.  The only doll I kept was Fashion Night Out which I got in the W Club lottery.  She's still NRFB.  Again her secondary market prices keep her in the box.
I had decided I was finished purchasing Poppy.  There were going to be no more Poppys in my house!   That was until I Love How You Love Me came along.  I will never forget the Poppygate Experience of 2011.  Poppy mania had gotten in full swing by then, and she became almost impossible to get.  There were arguments and many upset collectors who didn't win a W Club lottery opportunity to purchase her.   I did manage to purchase her retail from Dolls Magazine - she was an Exclusive for them.    I have relaxed ILHYLM's  hair, which I sometimes regret when I see photos of her original hair.  But she is my favorite Poppy.
So, it was official at my house.  ILHYLM was the last Poppy coming in.  No more!  It wasn't going to happen!  I even considered selling my girls who were NRFB.  I had photographed them and was ready to list them on The Doll Page.   ... Then I was looking at Integrity dealers' inventory one night and came across the Baby, It's You giftset.  I had really wanted that Chip and his tuxedo.  The giftset sold out immediately, and I had missed it.  By this time, I had the philosophy that if I didn't get Poppy, I was fine with that. Afterall, I didn't collect Poppy.   I couldn't resist getting this giftset from a dealer at retail price; it's still NRFB.
I had been very interested in Darla Daley because Chaundra needed a good friend.  I came across an incredible deal - NRFB Bus Stop for $60.  I couldn't resist.  She and Chaundra are inseparable.  How did another Poppy get here?
My blog entry about FF explained the history of Audrey Hepburn movies at Integrity Toys.  I only got one of the Breakfast at Tiffany's dolls, and I had missed all of the Sabrina dolls.  Even though I really wanted Most Sophisticated, my love/hate relationship with Poppy was continuing and the pendulum was currently in the "hate" swing.   But when these dolls were released, I was upset I hadn't gotten at least one.  My dear friend Rich helped me get Most Sophisticated.  She is still in her original ensemble.  She stands with the Audrey Hepburn dolls.
Then I went to the Integrity Convention this fall.  My first ever doll convention.  And I wound up adding ....

Luncheon Table Centerpiece Sea Breeze ... NRFB
The gorgeous Hairstyle Workshop Poppy  NRFB ...
Poppy's new friend Loni Lawrence NRFB ...
And my personal favorite Hot Dots - who I put on a DG body ...
Of course, the pendulum was now swinging over to the "love" side and I was remorseful that I hadn't purchased any of the FR dolls this year - not even the W Club Exclusive or Upgrade.  Like I keep saying, "I DO NOT collect Poppy,"  but somehow Poppy always finds her way into my collection.  It doesn't help when you see the photos from Diana Sosa who posts as DSDIVAS.  She has some gorgeous photos of She's Not There.  She definitely makes you NEED SNT.   You can spend hours at her flickr site:

And then Roville completely took me over the edge.  Her experience with She's Not There was so familiar to me.  I understood exactly where she was coming from.  She too had stated that she did NOT collect Poppy Parker.  After seeing Roville's blog and rebody of SNT, this Poppy was destined to come live with me, also.  Check out Roville's blog at

I had been sick for the past several weeks.  Last Wednesday evening, I decided to go through the doll boxes that had arrived since Christmas.  Somehow She's Not There got sent to me from  a dealer over the Christmas holiday.  I didn't even know she was here.  I had been on a wait list and guess my luck came through.  Now Poppy is actually sneaking into my house!  I had almost purchased SNT a couple of times and am glad I didn't.  What a happy surprise.
This doll comes with a lot of nice accessories.
She is wearing a very simple black color block dress.
The hat is difficult to put on.  You have to catch it under her chin with the hat down in the back and then pull it up from behind over her hair.  The earrings cannot be worn with the hat which is unfortunate.  They are WILD!
It is a darling outfit with the coat!
She's Not There is often referred to as "Twiggy".  The outfit from Bus Stop Darla Daley is an actual copy of a Twiggy ensemble.  Here is a drawing of Twiggy wearing that outfit.
And an actual mannequin of the dress with a photo of Twiggy.  I got this photo from "Google" but am not sure if this an actual mannequin or a wax statue.  It's definitely the dress though.
Since I already had the ensemble here, I had to give it a shot.
I had planned to put SNT on a NuFace body like Diana Sosa and Ro.  But seeing her in this ensemble ... I think she'll be wearing it for a while.   I'm not sure any dolls will be joining her or how long I will continue to be enamored.  I hope my appetite is whet.  At least for now.  But, I still stand by "I do NOT collect Poppy Parker." Even though 13 are visiting here - 7 still NRFB.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand this doll; I loath her downwords pouty lips and the attitude portrayed in her eyes; "Don't give me attitude, girl! "
Am I the only one here?

Christie H.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you don't collect Poppy. I actually don't even collect dolls...I just have 17. I only collect action figures--but FR dolls are so much prettier to stand beside my guys. I exclusively (so far) use PP bodies--because I love that ankle joint. The PP body is actually more jointed and graceful than many action figure bodies--and they don't fall apart. The secondary market value of these dolls is incredible--so I HAD to join W Club this year and NEEDED a dealer to buy from direct so I can get them the first time around (even though I don't collect dolls). It's Toy Fair in NYC and my eyes are peeled as the toy companies release their action figures. I plan my super hero purchases and then I see that Catwoman Barbie...and I'm thinking--WOW! My Teen Dream Poppy will make the perfect Catwoman! Plus, I can sell that vintage Barbie repro sculpt on the doll boards--so really, I can recoup some of the money... Oh! It's so hard to not collect dolls! I'm a teacher, too, actually, and my classroom has a Muppets theme (b/c elementary teachers are supposed to have a theme--it's an unwritten rule) and my students are in LOVE with the Tonner Piggy I snagged off the dollpage for pennies this year. So, my non-collection has now unofficially spilled over into my classroom. It's cool, though, because I make my kids (my real kids) call them action figures and I even let my oldest play with them! I only had a mild nervous breakdown when she plucked Flawless Elise's eyelashes off--and Friday (on our snow day-yay!) I got all the crushed crinkles out of Poppy's eyelashes with a gum stimulator. My son is worse because my Captain Action and Dr. Evil were fighting over my recently re-rooted Agnes and she almost lost a foot! If I ever do decide to "collect," I will be a mess. Stay warm! Love your blog! don (P.S. I've only pre-ordered 2 2013 dolls--both DG girls...because I don't have a boy DOLL yet and Kyu looks totally evil 007 spy type and TJ will bring a nice skintone to my collection...but, in case you're wondering, I'm not starting a DG collection...)

Anonymous said...

I was late to the station but am now aboard the Poppy train. I think Reluctant Debutante is one of the prettiest dolls made, but sadly I'll never own her. Last time I saw her on ebay she had an asking price of $700. No matter how much I want her, I cannot justify that much money. 6 or 7x retail is just too much.

On my SNT, I put the hood/hat strap behind her head, not under her chin. It isn't the way it is supposed to go, but that way she can wear the hood AND her earrings. I think it looks good that way.

Bus Stop Darla is a beautiful doll and highly underrated. I was surprised she didn't make more "Top Doll" lists for 2012. You got her for real steal.

Vita Plastica said...

I was desperate for a Poppy and my husband managed to find a Coney Island nude for cheap. After spending so much time and money to get her rerooted (because those bangs were a mess), she still hasn't bonded with any of my dolls and I just find her kind of boring. And those sort of dingy big eyes. HOWEVER, She's not there is super cute and I fall in love every time I see a pic. Still not getting her but she's pretty adorable.

Vanessa said...

Poppy is the one doll that has eluded my collection. I want one and only one, but it has to be the right one. The one I really want is one of the very first ones, either Summer Magic, or Pillow Talk. Of course this made me think I wanted a light haired, but not blonde, Poppy. Then I fell in love with some of the dark haired girls. I almost bought Lilac Frost 3 weeks ago, but she was on hold by the time I saw her on DollPages. Needless to say, I still don't have a Poppy in my collection. I almost joined W Club this year just to get a Poppy, but calculated all the money I would spend just being in the W Club and decided I would spend less money just buying a Poppy, outside of the club. Sorry for the dissertation. Poppy brings that out the confusion in me.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear!
Let me know if in future you may want to sell or trade your Debutante poppy!! I have reference!
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