Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jason Wu Event IX The Summary ...

Here we go. 

The most memorable moments to me were (in no particular order):

1. When my darling husband traded in Ready Steady Go Poppy for the Dynamite Girl.  I had always heard the expression "Deer in Headlights" - now I have a visual to go with it forever! 

2. Putting faces with names.  There are so many wonderful, generous, and kind individuals.  I finally got to meet Rich (RichFL) - he will be my "Convention Husband" when my real one can't come to conventions.  That is a new expression I learned.  We will be lifelong friends.
3. Meeting Rebecca Barry (Inside the Fashion Doll Studio) and Deron Daniel - two of the most creative forces in the doll collecting community.  Listening to them trade photography techniques and diorama ideas had my head spinning!  They are two of the most amazing individuals ever.  I feel lucky to count them as doll friends now.

4. Talking with Rob ("Uriah")  before each dinner.  He is such a wonderfully kind gentleman.  Another truly creative individual who shares so much of his vast knowledge of doll styling.  Talking to PetraElise while standing in line in the sales room!  Having Veronica as my table hostess!  One of the most incredible OOAK artists in the community today.

5. Getting to meet the team behind IT and their significant others.  David Buttrey is so wonderful!

6. The long lines ... oh, the long lines .... 

7.  Color Infusion Lab - I am usually the very last person to get on the bus with a new doll line/body.  (I got my first FR2 at the convention!)  I hate different shoes for different feet.  I hate different tops, pants, etc.   But the Color Infusion Lab completely blew me away!   I'll be posting photos soon of the dolls I got from the Lab.  It was so great of IT to limit each attendee to only one of each mold for each 14 dolls they purchase.  Everyone got what they wanted.   I cannot wait to see future fashions.  With the convention over, most of these dolls SOLD OUT.  The boys were the first to go, the bleach blonde, the Asian, the redhead are all gone.  There a scattered few left yesterday afternoon.

8.  And the collectors!  Oh, too many to name!!  I understand now why so many in the W Club say they attend the convention for the people.  I had always thought that rather silly.  However, you really cannot put a price on the experience.  The dolls are wonderful - but the memories of the people and the friendships are what will bring me to my next convention!

My husband is the most generous and kind person I know.  This would never have happened without him.  I thank him from the depth of my heart for giving me this experience.  I hope everyone who collects IT doll gets to do this at least once.


Vanessa said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you. You're such a wonderful person and you truly deserved this.

Dollz4Moi said...

I missed meeting you but I remember your husband's trade moment..LOL. If you come to LA we'll meet then. I had an awesome time. I have to sleep and will put up my blog and recap tomorrow :O)

PetraElise said...

It was wonderful to meet you, and your adorable husband! The lines may be long, but they are the BEST place to meet new people. That's how I met my convention hubbies (I managed to secure a set-- lol) Micheal and David.

The people truly are the real reason to attend. The simple fact is, that doll collectors are some of the most wonderful people in the world.

Look forward to seeing you in LA!