Saturday, July 28, 2012


As with most doll collectors, I've had that wonderful dream of "accidentally happening upon a dream collection".  You know the one.  You walk into a store, a thrift market, a yard sale, and there is the mother lode of all your hearts desires in dolls ... and it's always priced where you can afford it from the money you are actually carrying in your purse on that day.

With me, it is a dream.  I've always hoped to find that yardsale with the trunk of vintage dolls and clothing in mint condition.  Yesterday was the closest I've come.  I went to one of the local antique/vintage malls that I frequent.  As I was walking around, the following caught my eye.
Yes, it's a vintage titian bubble cut. Although her lips have started fading and she needed a bath, her faceup is fantastic.  She is on the correct "Barbie" only hollow body.  She came in the zebra bathing suit (but this one was odd and had shoulder straps?).   I cleaned her up and redressed her.  She's a darling.  And for the remarkable price of $30.  (I know that is still a far cry from the $1.63 I pay for the #1 NRFB Brunette Ponytail in my dream, but when I woke up this morning, this cutie was still modeling the lovely dress in my cabinet.)

This afternoon, the mail person brought me another treasure.  I have been patiently waiting for Integrity Toys to get Darla Daley "right".   Somehow, IT consistently misses the mark with dolls of color.  I've been eager to see the production version of Bus Stop Darla ever since she was unveiled this spring.  I can honestly say I am thrilled with this doll.
Here is a close up of her in her box.

I guess Vintage was my theme this week because Darla's outfit is an obvious copy of a Twiggy ensemble.  This photo was taken from Google.  I know the doll will be purchased for this outfit by many Poppy fans for the Twiggy looking Poppy that is coming out later this summer.  Once collectors get the doll in hand, I bet they'll decide to keep her. 
I love this Darla Daley.  Her shoes are extremely well made.  She can even stand without assistance while wearing them. They fit over the white fishnet pantyhose comfortably and stay on.
I love the orange purse.  She comes with an extra set of hands - they are white gloved with lovely detailing.

Here is a photo of her on the stairway. 
It looks like she is ready to go shopping!
I am very pleased with this doll.   Everything is extraordinary.  Add to that the fact that the faceup is just about perfect, and you get a "keeper". I was lucky enough to acquire this beauty NRFB for $72 on e-bay.  Quite a deal!  (And by the way, YES, those are applied eyelashes you think you are seeing!!)


Marianne said...

I'm seriously thinking about getting Bus Stop now that I see how well she turned out. Your review has pushed me over the edge. Now I need her. BTW, to give you an idea of my *ahem* age, I had a pair of beige driving gloves just like the Bus Stop ones in the late '60s. That's one of the major reasons I love the Poppy line. IT has really done the '60s right.

Vanessa said...

Congrats on getting both. I am happy to see them get Darla right, too. She looks wonderful. My town is busting at the seem with new residents, so she won't be able to come live here, but I will enjoy her through the photos of others.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new dolls. Darla Daley is very pretty and she wears beautiful clothing. Keep in touch