Sunday, July 22, 2012

The problem with guidelines ...

I have tried very hard to follow my guidelines this year.   Let's review:

Guideline 1:  Although Mini Lalaloopsy dolls look cute and Sybarites are extraordinary, no new type of doll has come into my collection this year.  Integrity Toys tried tempting me with their 16 inch line, but it was no go.   

A good way to continue focusing your collection is to work on diorama items.  I had purchased a plastic privacy screen at a flea market for $9 and decided to paint it black.  I added it to the sofa and coffee table from the 2010 Barbie Convention that I picked up at the May Doll Show in Atlanta. What do you think?  Working on dioramas for the dolls you currently own definitely keeps your mind off other doll lines.  And after putting so much time and effort into a diorma, you want to make sure it is used.  (Isn't the little clown on the table cute?!)

Guideline 2:  This one was a challenge.  I had originally only purchased three of the Back to Brooklyn Dynamite Girls/Guys.   When collectors started posting actual photos of Neve and Auden, I caved.  Fortunately, I watched the retail websites and was able to purchase both of these dolls at retail from a dealer.  I stayed away from e-bay and impulse buying.  Those are the only "new doll" purchases that weren't pre-ordered through retail.   I have managed to pick up a couple outfits at reasonable prices though. 

Here is Heart of Glass Aria wearing Louboutin's Forever Barbie outfit.
And I just knew that the silkstone Darya outfit would look great on Firefly.  NOTE:  The boots are borrowed from Perk Colette.  She looks very Alexander McQueen, wouldn't you say?

Guideline 3: I have sold twenty-six dolls so far this year (thanks to the help of The Committee + Agnes).  There are a dozen more listed on The Doll Page, and I'm about to list some more in the near future. At this point, I am running close!  My problem seems to be that I have trouble resisting a good buy:

A W Club Member who posts on the doll boards was trying to get money together for the IFDC and posted a couple of my grail dolls at a great price.  How could I resist Luxe Life Vanessa? 
She is now a favorite.

And I have such a weakness for dolls with black hair and red lips.  I've had my eye on the DG 2011 Convention Workshop Dani for months. 

She has such lovely lavendar eyes!
"Wait ONE MINUTE!"  Chaundra was looking over my shoulder as I was typing.  "The committee is working and fretting over decisions about which dolls leave and YOU bring two more dolls INTO the collection?  What are you thinking??  We cannot work like this!   It isn't fair!"

Please calm down Chaundra.  You know "grail" dolls are exempt from the rules.

Guideline 4:  I have been unable to keep this guideline.  Many dolls are not in their boxes, but I have decided to not unbox any more dolls until The Committee (+ Agnes) and I have finished finalizing the collection.  I'm comfortable with this decision.  I'm not violating the guideline as much as I am postponing the release of my recent purchases.

Guideline 5:  This guideline had to be revised to include the term "or Exclusives".   I recently entered a W Club lottery for the second Victoire doll and did not get chosen.  Victoire is my favorite Integrity line.   I had to pay secondary market for this doll; however, I did purchase her from a retail doll store.  I felt that I was supporting a dealer, so it wasn't the same as buying the doll on e-bay.  Here is the photo Integrity Toys released in their e-mail to club members. 

Guideline 6:  My husband (dearest man alive) and I are going to Fashion Royalty Convention this year.  It will be our very first doll convention.  We just got the convention packet which encouraged us to pre-order the convention collection of dolls.  After last year, I guess I'll wait.  There were no photos.   
Staying on track isn't easy.  Especially when you visit flickr pages, the doll boards, blogs, etc.  There are many talented photographers out there who enable one to part with their money too easily.  Having a plan really does help quite a bit.  I seem less anxious about my collecting habits and manage to make better decisions about what I buy and how much I'm willing to pay for an item.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on your furniture. I love the red chair and the clown on the table. I love Heart of Glass Aria suit wearing Louboutin Forever Barbie. She is very pretty. You're right it's best to write a plan and stick to it. I also bought a lot and always want more and more dolls. It is a ruin!. Keep in touch

Roville said...

Love your focus on dioramas, the new screen looks terrific with the red and black sofa. Also love Aria redressed, she looks amazing.