Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Last of 2011

I had really hoped to get this posted yesterday, but I was unable to find the time.

I am quite a geek when it comes to lists.  I love them.  I keep lists of everything.  It is the OCD in me.  I have a list of the movies we own.  A list of all of my dolls and outfits.  If there are multiples, then there is a list. 

At the end of 2011, everyone started coming out with lists.  "Best of" lists, "Worst of" lists, "Purchased this year" lists, you name it.  I am always interested to see who I share opinions with and with whom I disagree. 

On the W Club, I tallied all of the dolls that appeared on the "Best of 2011" lists.  There were almost 75 dolls that made it on the lists which proved that there is a lot of diversity in the W Club. There was one doll that stood out though ... one doll that appeared on over 20 top five lists.  It was a doll I didn't own.

This is the Basic Essentials Dania Zarr.  This is exactly how she comes from Integrity, including one of the new saddle stands.  She was available at the Integrity Convention this year as a "Direct Exclusive".  Only 300 dolls were produced and she sold out immediately. 

She doesn't have the regular FR body, nor does she have a NuFace body.  This is the "Brides of Dracula" body which has become very popular with collectors.  I saw many of these dolls listed with uneven bangs or wonky eyes, so I was very leary of purchasing one on the secondary market.  A collector offered me choice of three that she had purchased and each one had a different problem.  I am a very picky collector and knew I wouldn't be satisfied unless the hair and eyes were perfect.

I paid premium price for this one, but I knew she was the one.  She is my last purchase of 2011 and definitely one of my very favorites from last year.  She is phenomenal.

Another surprise for me this year are the Stardolls from Mattel.  I do not like the bodies, but the face-ups are cute as can be. They look very nice on NuFace bodies.

I got three of them for Christmas.  ("Chang" was highlighted in the last blog.)  I think I prefer the ones with the closed mouths, and the clothes are quite nice.  This one was my second favorite from the group that has been released.

I put her on a NuFace body and was very pleased with the results.

This doll supports my "Look-alike" feature because she reminds me a great deal of a celebrity:

Do you see a resemblance with Pussycat Dolls lead vocalist Nicole Scherzinger?


Vanessa said...

Your Dania is gorgeous! I didn't see Nicole, but you are spot on with that one. Your Stardoll also looks gorgeous on her new body. For some reason, I have NO interest in the new Stardolls. I couldn't understand it, so I went to the store, fondled the boxes. Looked at them deeply, and.... nothing. I think the young look is what keeps me from buying them. I have a policy that dolls that don't have a role in my stories, can't come home with me. I must say that I did venture onto the Stardoll website and I am totally obsessed, hooked, need a psychiatrist, etc. My dolls and my own fashion sense have improved since spending time there. So something good did come out of the Stardoll coming to market. LOL! Happy New Year my dear friend! Can't wait to see you at the next doll show. I should start saving my money now.

TM said...

Happy New Year! I do see the freaky resemblance of the stardoll and the pussycat doll!

Marta said...

Hello from SpAin, your recent purchases are very nice doll. I love stardoll but in SpAin did not sell. The doll called Dania is really beautiful. I love her. If IT,s any consolation in SpAin at the end of year list are everywhere. Keep in touch