Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 - The Year of Insanity

Hold on to your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride! 

If you look at the sidebar, you will see a total of 33 dolls added to my collection in 2011.  Being the fickle doll collector I am, 2 dolls from this list were dropped:  Jakks Pacific and Charity Ball.  (I had to edit this post because I deboxed Current Pursuits Vanessa and No Reservations Kyori.)  I should add the other 3 that were Christmas gifts for a total of 36.
Have you ever seen such a mess! As I have found homes for 45 dolls, it would seem I came out ahead 9 dolls.  Then I opened my closets to check the new dolls that had arrived and remained boxed this year.  It appears I have 15 dolls hiding in my closets (although pictured, Current Pursuits and No Reservations are in the other total)!
Four Dynamite Girls/Boys:  Most Beautiful Boy Auden, Rock Candy Rufus Blue, Aqua Bella Jett, and Beach Bunny Sooki.
Three FR Exclusives:  Bergdorf Goodman FNO FR2,  Modern Comeback Noir Veronique, and Sweet Confection Poppy.

Two Regular Retail FR: (Current Pursuits Vanessa released), Flawless Elise and Color Infusion Rebel Spirit Amelie.
Four FR Convention Dolls:  Vivid Impact Agnes, Style Counsel Adele and Veronique Giftset, and Victoire Roux Faubourg Saint-Honore (No Reservation Kyori has been released).
Two Monograms:  Magnificent and Extravagance.

I missed my goal by six dolls!  However, I did release 16 dolls from their boxes in 2011 as a trade-off:
I guess, I came very close to meeting all of my rules for 2011.

Rule 1:  I really haven't added a new line since I started the rules.  Rule 1 was successfully met.

Rule 2:  There hasn't been any impulse buying.

Rule 3: I missed this rule by six dolls.  Some of the dolls shown though will not be staying.

Rule 4:  Successful!  16 dolls were released from box this year.  Only 15 dolls remained in their boxes and 16 older dolls were released!

Rule 5:  I have been able to purchase all of my dolls at retail price this year since that rule was made.

Rule 6:  No more pre-purchase of convention dolls.

I am going to change my "Rules" to "Guidelines" because I believe the term "Guideline" is friendlier and more in line with the intent.  I want to make my collecting less stressful, not more stressful.

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Vanessa said...

WOW! First of all, I am glad you are changing to guidelines instead of rules. Your collecting was stressing me out, too. All those rules! What a collection you have there young lady. I bought about 10 dolls just the other day, and I have 10 more due to arrive from a collector who was getting rid of some dolls. Of course, 20 of my dolls is probably the price of one of the average priced Ingegrity dolls. I can't wait to see your 2012 collection.