Friday, April 15, 2011

A special invitation ....

"Dear girls:   Please put on a comfortable spring ensemble and meet in the light tent.  I have a very special announcement."

The first to arrive is Gene.  She is always prompt.  She knows the importance of being on time. As an actress, if you miss an audition you may not work for months ... or even years.  She is wearing Silkstone's A Day at the Races.

The outfit looks so nice on her.   She waits patiently for the next guest to arrive before entering the diorama.  Afterall, one should never be late, but one should also never be first.

Oh, look.  It is the infamous Carol Roth.  "It's about time I had another photo shoot.  I've not been before the camera in weeks now."    Carol is wearing the Mattel Speigel Summer Sophisticate outfit.  

"We could be sisters!  We're both wearing pink!"  Exclaims Gene.  

"I wonder if I have time to change ...." Carol muses.

As Carol is trying to figure out a way to escape for a costume change, Monogram Blue Chip wearing Mattel's Kentucky Derby shows up.   "Why this is an odd assortment of girls, isn't it?  We have a Fashion Royalty, a Mini Gene, and me.  I wonder if the human is trying to make a photo of the different types of dolls she collects."

"Well, we'll only find out if we go inside for the diorama," reasons Carol.

As they enter, they are impressed.   The human has brought out "The Loft Collection" she had stored in the closet.  

"This is very nice," observes Gene. 

"I know.  I wonder why she has gone to such lengths?"  whispers Blue Chip.

As the girls get seated, they notice there is a fully stocked liquor cabinet.  ILHYLM Poppy enters.  She is wearing a Mattel Top Model dress.  She is lovely.  

"Well, I can see that we are all wearing our Easter best."  Blue Chip is so positive and sunny.

"This supports the idea that 'The Human' is trying to bring together different dolls.  Now, we have a Poppy here."  Gene whispers to Carol.

Another doll enters,   "What exactly is going on?  I have been here for three months now, and this is only my second photo invitation. I want some answers."  Bodacious Adele is steamed.  She is wearing a OOAK by Wandy.

"I wouldn't complain.  I just got here last Friday.  I've not even had time to unpack my box.  My red outfit and my nightie are still sewn into the packaging."  Poppy tries to calm Adele down.

"We're not sure what is going on."   Gene tries to explain, "We thought we were being invited to represent the different collecting tastes of the human.  But it appears she has gone all out for this.  It doesn't make sense.  You're the second Fashion Royalty to arrive."

"Yes, but I was originally on a Nuface Body," Carol rationalizes.   "So, maybe our guess is correct."

"Well, I don't think I like this.  I've noticed some boxes being shipped out recently.   And that last blog started a mystery about a "HOLY GRAIL" doll.  I thought I was a HOLY GRAIL," Bodacious fumes. 

As the questions begin to fly and the theories begin to grow, Anja arrives wearing Spring Forward Eugenia's outfit.  "I think we need to open this bottle and have a drink.  We should all calm down, and this will help our nerves."

"Calm down?!  That's easy for you to say.  You're the newest to arrive.  The shipping notices have been rather severe here recently.  I saw Discreet leave last week,"  Bodacious is worried.  "Maybe I will have a drink afterall.  Fill it up!"

"Now, I am nervous,"  whispers Poppy.   "Maybe a shaker of Shirley Temples isn't such a bad idea."

"I think you need to put something a little stronger in that shaker, Poppy,"   Blue Chip adds.

"Wait ...  wait ... wait ..."   Blue Blood Elise arrives.  She is wearing Jaks Pacific sundress.  "Everyone needs to chill out.   We are the seven dolls that have been added to 'The Human's' collection this year.   I think we have all been invited because we are about to find out the eighth addition to our home."

"Oh, no.  I know the human made a New Year's Resolution that stated:  For every doll that enters, one must go out.  Do yout think one of us is leaving?" asks Blue Chip.

"Of course not!  I know I was a Holy Grail.  So was Gene, Blue Chip, and Bodacious.  Anja, Carol, and Poppy are new dolls, but she loves you.  Stop the insanity!   Look ... she has even delivered champagne.  I think we are a welcoming committee for the mystery doll."

A sigh of relief is felt in the diorama.   The group waits patiently for doll #8 to join the fold.


Anonymous said...

This is terrible lol.I'm left completely hanging! You do a wonderful blog!

Vanessa said...

You may take a long time to post, but it is always worth the wait! I love all the outfits. I have the outfit the Carol Ruth is wearing. I didn't know the name of it, til now. I love that Wandy OOAK dress. Thank goodness it is a OOAK. That means I won't be trying to go out and buy it. Which doll is the Poppy dress from? I don't remember seeing that one. How long before we find out who number 8 is?

Nancy said...

Lovely dolls! You pick the perfect outfits. Especially love the mini-Gene.