Sunday, April 10, 2011

The countdown has started ...

It has been a while since I updated my blog.  I've been trying to stay away from stores and off the internet. I got into a serious pre-order frenzy with the published line-up of 2011 Integrity Dolls.  (More on that later ... the longer I put off actually seeing the damage in print, the less chance there will be of hyperventillating.)

There was also several pre-orders in December and January and recently I found a HOLY GRAIL and put it on layaway.  It will be the most I have spent on a fashion doll.  I sold Discreet Monogram to help pay for it, and Modern Comeback has been put on The Doll Page.   Who is this mysterious?  A HOLY GRAIL that requires all capital letters???  hmmmm??? You'll have to wait a couple of weeks because she is on layaway.  Here is a hint!

My sister came to visit and left with six dolls in her possession which helps with my New Years Resolution "For every doll that joins my collection, one doll must leave".   Even though they were collectible Barbies that had been taken off display and robbed of their clothing, that is an added six dolls I can purchase.   Isn't it just amazing how easily I can justify adding those six dolls to the total of dolls I can replace.  HAHAHA! 

In the last blog, I listed the five dolls that have come to live with me in 2011.  Two more of my pre-orders from December/January arrived over the last two weeks and have taken up permanent residence.   #6 for 2011 is I Love How You Love Me Poppy Parker.  I believe the face-ups on these dolls were the best in the first year they were debuted.  The first 10 dolls were extraordinary and they have not matched the beauty yet.  The eyes were more demure and realistic.  I was hoping they had returned to this faceup with ILHYLM.  It's not quite there, but she is not as startled looking as the 2010 dolls.   It was a battle to get this doll at retail, but I was victorious.  Even if I didn't like her, she was staying.  I went through too much to get her.

I think she is one of the very best Poppy girls todate.   A poster on a board noted that she looked like Sharon Tate.  I can see that.

She came in an extraordinary giftset.  She wears the white dress you see in my photos.  She also had on a white brocade coat.  A second outfit consists of a red jumper and lace hose.

And finally the cutest little pair of "baby-doll" pajamas ever released. Integrity knocked this one out of the ballpark.  At her retail of $150, I think she was the best priced doll set we've seen a very long time.  (The clothing photos are stock Integrity promo shots.)

You know what a clothes horse I am.  On the day she arrived, so did this outfit.  I got it NRFB on The Doll Page for $39.  I turned the jacket around backwards because I liked the little buttons.

#7  Came in the mail on Friday.  She is Regal Solstice Anja.  As you know, I LOVE the Anja mold as Carol Roth is one of my very favorite dolls ever produced.  (I know I already wrote that, but I love her so much it bears repeating.   I had to give her a rest though because I was getting obsessed with her.)   This red head version is totally different from CR, but equally impressive.   A friend and I were debating over whether or not to order her.   I waited until the very last day.  I trusted my gut instinct.  I think I was right!  Here she is saying, "Okay, I'm here.  I've unpacked, undressed, and am ready for the clothes.  Where's the wardrobe?"  (Agnes is not so sure about this new character.)

I need to trust my gut instinct more often.   Many members of the W Club missed out on this doll.  She is an edition of only 700 dolls, which is a low number from an exclusive club doll.  I'm glad I trusted my instincts here.  She reminds me of Grace Adler (And I will call her Grace.)  I have the Born to Gamble Kyori which is supposed to be Karen Walker.  Now, I only need a Will and Jack. 

Sometimes it is important to just stop yourself.  I recently noticed the Pullip dolls and really wanted this little boy and girl.  I had the money from the sell of Discreet, right?  Well that money was used to finish paying for my HOLY GRAIL.  (Note again the capital letters.)   I could've waited a couple more weeks, but I just said NO.

In my next blog, I will post my pre-order list from Integrity Toys.  I started by pre-ordering what many others wanted.  I only felt strongly about four dolls and fortunately got all four.  However, somehow I wound up pre-ordering eleven dolls.  (Yep, you heard right.  And yep, I can do math.  I have some dolls to sell.)

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Carima said...

eleven dolls? can't wait to see your list! :D

Hmm let me think... how many did I order again? oh yes, I stopped at 5. I'm glad I got a dealer that accepts layaway, that spreads the pain a little ;)

I always enjoy your blog, keep it up!