Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vanity & Glamour Nadja Rhymes - 2018: Doll 1

I think it will help me organize my collection better if I label each purchase in my blog.  It took me a few weeks to debox this girl, but she was the first to arrive in 2018.

Everyone went crazy for this doll when she was previewed in 2017.  She was part of the mainline NuFace collection called "The Heirloom Collection".   She retailed for $120 and there were 725 dolls in the edition.  She was sold prior to the Integrity Convention, so she was the first blonde Nadja Rhymes, even though Sweet Dreams was the first to make it into collectors' hands.

I couldn't be happier with this "basic" doll.  (There really isn't anything "basic" about her!)

Here is a photo in the box.
Gotta love those hose (unfortunately mine had a little hole in them and I had to report it to Customer Care).   Here's a closeup.
The makeup pallet is a little odd, but somehow it works.   Here are the accessories.
The silver mirror is Nadja's heirloom accessory.  I love the buckles on the shoes!

I have been a fan of Nadja Rhymes since the beginning and mold 2.0 hasn't failed once in production (there have been 5 releases).
I own all five versions and am wondering which to let go; however, they are all very different from each other.  This girl takes extraordinary photos!

To support the Doll Diva Photography Challenge, I had to come up with a "Be My Valentine" picture.  Here she is wearing the Barbie Sweatshirt.
I think Vanity & Glamour is a wonderful start to 2018.


Kamelia said...

She's a beautiful doll. Her face is very intresting. I like the jewellery.

storm storm said...

Love her!

Phyllis said...

Oh, she is a beauty! I think you should keep them all!

Barbara in MD said...

I started looking for her yesterday to purchase because I love her as well. She is very beautiful and her accessories are great!