Friday, January 12, 2018

Best of 2017 - Number 5

Rayna Ahmadi is a fairly new mold to Integrity Toys.  She was introduced in 2011, and I can actually write that I own every version!

2011  IFDC Go Home
2011  Jet Set Convention High Toned
2012  IFDC Rock Me Baby
2015  ITBE Rare Jewel
2016  Defiant (2015 Design Competition Winner Jason Kramer)
2016  Reckless Collection Mad Love
2017  Fairytale Convention Natural Wonder
2017  Heirloom Collection Neo-Romantic

Three of these were received in 2017, and each is worthy of a position in my countdown.  Which do you think I chose?

I chose the one that was received December 23, just in time to be considered.  Neo-Romantic Rayna Ahmadi was a "pass" by many collectors when the Heirloom Collection was previewed.  There were a lot of individuals who did not like the ensemble.  (The sting of missing AKA Gigi had not been forgotten by me, so I was not going to let the clothing stand in my way!)

Fortunately, the production doll looks much better than the promotion version.  Here is Neo-Romantic full length in the box.
And a closeup.  Just look at those incredible blue-green eyes!
These are the accessories.
Unfortunately, there are elements in the ensemble that collectors have already seen this year.  The tassel earrings are so on-trend right now but are just a different color from those used with Poetic Beauty Lilith & Eden.  The cuff/ring bracelet is awesome but is just like the one Majesty Giselle was wearing.  The purse is similar to Charmed Life Imogen's.  I do like the pewter finish on everything though.  I thought I was going to dislike the boots, but I actually adore them.  The glasses are my favorite accessory.  I've been begging for nice eyewear that isn't sunglasses for a long time.

So what does she look like outside the box?  There has been some concern from collectors about the unfinished edges on the sleeves, but I think they would've been too bulky looking otherwise.  I adore the symmetry of the color block in the pants.
And how about something a little more bookish?
I told you I love those glasses!
This is one incredible doll!
Best of 2017, Number 5 is Neo-Romantic Rayna Ahmadi.  What a gorgeous face and hair combination!


Kamelia said...

She's looking great. The doll is beautiful but honestly I'm not sure about the outfit.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, I love her face, hair and make-up. I also love this outfit, it's totally my taste :-). And the glasses are fantastic. I like glasses for dolls, but it's not easy to find them, apart from sunglasses.
Lovely doll!

storm storm said...

What a lovely Rayna, she is my favorite!

annamac said...

Rayna became one of my favorite sculpts when I was lucky enough to win the opportunity to purchase ITBE Rare Jewel!

Love your yearly countdowns so much!
I’ve been checking your blog every few days with anticipation;)

Phyllis said...

Rayna is also one of my favorite sculpts! I also purchased this doll. I love her glasses and this outfit is so sexy! I was also lucky enough to get the Defiant Rayna doll from the 2016 Convention. Good choice for your No. 5 pick!