Sunday, January 14, 2018

Best of 2017 - Number 3

"The Boss Is Back" - If you are a fan of America's Next Top Model, you probably know this is the title of the first episode of the new season because Tyra Banks has returned to an active role on the judging panel.  Adele Makeda mold 2.0 has always reminded me of Tyra Banks, and the latest version firmly stakes her claim in the Fashion Royalty lineup.

Exquise Adele Makeda immediately sold out when previewed earlier in 2017.    (Photo courtesy of Integrity Toys)
The screening is an homage to Talking Drama from 2007.  Mold 2.0 was "retired" in 2011, but collectors have refused to let this version go.  There was an ITBE version (Gold Glam) in 2013 and  five FR2 versions (if you count the recently announced W Club exclusive).

Mold 2.0 is one of my very favorite FR molds and Exquise Adele Makeda does not fail to deliver.  Here is a photo in the box.
And a closeup.  Now that's one beautiful doll face!
The accessories are amazing.  Integrity Toys really spoiled collectors this year.
Included are a hat, scarf, cape, opera length gloves, silver jewelry (including a remarkable ring), purse, black & red pumps with silver metal heels, and an extra set of hands.

She looks amazing out-of-box.
And redressed ... Best of 2017 Number 3 - Exquise Adele Makeda.


Kamelia said...

I like her redressed, light colours suits her. :)

Anonymous said...

This doll is perfection in every way. The suit is so beautiful! And her face, lovely! I can't wait to see your two other choices of the top 3 :-).

Phyllis said...

She truly is exquisite. I did order the "Faces of Adele" giftset and since I was unable to get this one, I am really excited to get them. I ordered bodies for the 2nd & 3rd heads too so nobody has to worry about sharing one!

Carl Torr said...

This Adele is one of my new favorite and way more beautiful than Tyra (and better figure).