Sunday, December 10, 2017

Welcome to Misty Hollows Poppy Parker

I guess its the wrong holiday to be opening this doll, but I'm not waiting until Halloween 2018.

When you join the W Club, one of the perks is IT Direct Dolls that are offered exclusively to W Club members.  One of those dolls in 2017 was Welcome to Misty Hollow Poppy Parker.   After a Poppy Parker overload in 2016, I have had to be very selective in adding this mold to my collection, but I simply couldn't resist this girl.

The packaging for the "Swinging London Collection" is very cute.  The box actually looks like an old London phone booth.
Here is what Poppy Looks like with the lid off the box.  Notice that the accessory drawer was moved to the top of the box (probably so Poppy could look out the windows of the phone booth).
The textured hose are adorable.  The dress is black velvet material with a little lace ascot.  The bow is actually pinned into her scalp, so you don't take a chance of ruining the hairstyle removing it.

Here is a closeup.  I am not usually a fan of the upper painted lashes or gray irises, but this doll captured my heart immediately.
Here are the accessories.
The pin is magnetic.  The shoes are really cute and unlike anything we've seen for Poppy.  The ring is quite substantial and looks great on!  The little candle and holder are a cool accessory.  (Be careful, the first time it hit the floor, it broke and had to be reglued!)
She is very cute out of the box.  She easily stands on her on in these shoes.  (My only complaint with this collection is the revised PP doll stands.  They are painted like the British flag.  As a collection, I like all my doll stands to match when I display the dolls.  Otherwise your attention is drawn to the doll stands instead of the doll.  I know that is an odd observation, but I tend to be OCD about things like this.)

And another closeup.
As with all dolls, they tend to get redressed.  Since I am trying to participate in a flickr group doll advent calendar, I wanted to dress her for Christmas.  I was excited to see how nice she looked!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you redressed her in such a lovely outfit, it really suits her, very cute! :-). My candle holder is already damaged too, I dropped it and some black paint came off :-/

Kamelia said...

This is the only PP I really want to have...

Lisa Neault said...

As a fan of Dark Shadows, this Poppy harkened back to that cult classic black and white TV show my mother would never let me watch as a kid because it had vampires and witches on it! lol back in the late 60's and 70's this TV show was popular with teenagers and I was quite little so I understand her reasoning. Misty Hollows reminds me of that and I think the designers at Integrity are remembering those days too.
She is one of my favorite dolls of the line, I adore the outfit and her face. Those shoes just are so cute. I haven't redressed her yet but she redresses so well.

Christi said...

You are such a bad influence (or good)! After haunting your blog, and some instagram doll feeds for months, I finally ordered my first IT doll as a present from my brother. She arrives the day after Christmas. I pray I am not starting an addiction...