Sunday, November 20, 2016


I thought I was showing exceptional self-control relative to the dolls from the Supermodel Convention.  I was unable to attend and there have been some extra financial considerations recently with my fur baby, so I've limited the number of new dolls arriving here.

However ... (it seems there's always a "however", doesn't it?)  the one doll from the convention that just kept haunting me was Glamazon Adele Makeda.  The Adele mold 2.0 is one of my very favorite molds.  When done correctly, it is exquisite.  In my opinion, Integrity Toys provided collectors an excellent version with Glamazon.

There were only 350 of this doll created for the convention (the same number as the centerpiece dolls) which makes her quite elusive.  Needless to say, she sold out first at the convention which eliminated the possibility of W Club members getting a lottery opportunity.   Most collectors really like this doll, so she isn't showing up on secondary market that often; when she does, she is easily bringing double her original sales price.

I rationalized that, since I didn't attend the convention,  I saved thousands of dollars in plane fare, hotel expenses, food, time away from home, and additional doll purchases.  Surely, that justifies buying a doll at secondary market price, right?

This is Glamazon Adele Makeda in the box.

And here is a closeup:
Glamazon Adele Makeda comes with an additional Versace-inspired dress in purple, a pair of matching boots, her original shoes, necklace, earrings, bracelet, and an additional pair of hands.
Here she is out of the box (kudos to the designer who figured out that it was better to put the plastic knee protectors UNDER the hose):
The shoes are very cute and are the palest seashell pink (to match the dress).  I think this is a new shoe design; at least I don't own a pair similar.   The dress is not to my taste, but it is iconic fashion from the 1970's and is very well made.  The additional dress was a nice touch, but it has a Velcro closure in the back.  In an Integrity premium doll?  Not sure about this.
And here is a lovely closeup.  I do love this version of mold 2.0.  (I didn't put her necklace on because  I thought it competed with the neckline of the dress.)
I do not regret adding her to my collection.  I think she is definitely going to be one of my favorite FR2 dolls to redress and look forward to the holidays when I can get some more playtime.  Glamazon Adele Makeda is a beautiful doll and will probably maintain a high secondary market price.


Phyllis said...

I too was so excited about this doll. I am so glad I went to this convention and paid for the convention collection ahead of time. That made it seem like I didn't spend so much money! I so want to go to the 2017 convention in Orlando now!

Cherel67 Peterson said...

She's pretty and well worth the money!

Sharon Collins said...

I agree. The outfit looks great without the necklace. It shows her beautiful neck.

Jewell said...

I agree with your justification 100%! I used the same line of reasoning to justify purchasing Adele myself. Two dolls at secondary market prices plus three items through the IT Direct store still total a fraction of what it would have cost me to attend convention. No buyer's remorse here.

Vanessa said...

She's gorgeous! When you have that tugging at the heart, you just have to go for it. Sorry to hear about your fur baby. Hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Roville said...

She is exquisite. I am a fan of her makeup palette (and she has forward looking eyes!) so she is just perfection imo. Congrats on an extraordinarily beautiful addition to your lineup.

Jaye said...

I think the doll is beautiful. I agree about the Velcro on the dress not making any sense for that level of doll, but the dress is lovely.