Thursday, June 23, 2016

Made To Move Barbie (Part III)

I LOVE this Mattel idea and it seems to keep getting better.  A doll friend of mine posted the next two dolls in this line a few days ago; she had found them on Amazon.  Having a gift card that was burning a hole in my wallet, I naturally followed her lead.

First, here is the blonde with a tan.
I haven't deboxed her yet.  I'm afraid she is going to have her body stolen by Ruffles & Leather!  It's nice that Mattel is adding all the skin tones.  There are several dolls that will benefit from this doll's coloring.

Next up is the redhead.
I think she is my second favorite from the six dolls in this lineup.  (The brunette is my first.)  I love those freckles.
While out running errands today, I stopped at a flea market and squealed with delight when I found this vintage Irwin Austin Healey.  The windshield is in tact and not cracked!  None of the chrome has broken off!  It has faded a little with age and some of the chrome has peeled, but it is in excellent shape for 50 years old! And the best part is that it cost only $17!
MTM Redhead agrees.  She can't wait to cool off at the beach; having some nice wheels to get there is a luxury!  See ya later!


Anonymous said...

I forgot how damn cute Barbies can be!

olla123 said...

Czekam na obie lalki, kiedy będą dostępne w Polsce! Na razie nie można ich kupić! Obie są wspaniałe! Samochód, który kupiłaś jest rewelacyjny!
Ruda Barbie jest zachwycona i czeka na swoją pierwszą wycieczkę :-)
Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Lydia Louise said...

I love the combination of tan skin and blonde hair! It so nice, and that car is so sweet! Great bargain, can't wait to see some pictures of it :D
Lydia's Dolls

Phyllis said...

Mattel really did hit the mark with the MTM body! I hope they product one in the Chandra skintone as she is very needed. Since they have stopped making the SIS line, there really are no more articulated bodies with that dark skintone.

The redhead is gorgeous, isn't she? Her skintone is pretty much the same as the MTM pink top (Barbie). The orange top blonde with tan skin is a very close match to the Nikki body, so she can be a donor for Nikki and other dolls with that skintone. I am going to post some pictures today of some of my newbies!

That car you got was a great find. It look in great condition. You could paint it or even leave it as is as that would lend it self to that vintage car look!

Carrickters said...

These are lovely - I hope they make it to Australia. And the car was a great find and an absolute bargain.

jSarie said...

I like the look of these news ones - and I don't know if it's related, but I've been seeing price drops on the original ones lately, so that's nice to see as well!

Georgia Girl said...

Awesome find on he Healey!!

Your pictures make the dolls look so darn cute! If I was deciding not to that particular one and I see your pictures, it is all over for to the store I go. Lol! The red head is super cute!

Nőszirom said...

Nagyon tetszenek a babák, örülök hogy neked már megvan. Remélem mihamarabb a mi üzleteinkben is megvásárolható, mert nagyon vágyom rá én is. A korábban kiadott 4-et sikerült megszereznem.

IHime said...

I'm thrilled with these new MTM dolls, can't wait to get them. The car is absolutely amazing. I've just borrowed a vintage Fleur car from a friend and I'm having so much fun with it!

Klára Našincová said...

I wanna ask which skin tone has the tan doll with blond hair? Thank you.