Saturday, May 21, 2016

Apathy ...

This year has been "lackluster" at best.   It has really affected my attitude about collecting, and I've struggled with remaining enthusiastic about my 12" dolls.

The year started out strong with my first newly released Integrity Toys doll, NuFace Polarity Nadja Rhymes.  With her hair pulled back, I really have grown to appreciate and enjoy this doll quite a bit.
In addition to Polarity, I had purchased two other dolls from this line:  Energetic Presence Giselle, and Voltage Erin.  Here is the link to the original post about these dolls:  NuFace New Releases

I have waited for several weeks for the head replacement for Voltage Erin.   When it arrived, I was pleased by the improvement.  The hair actually seems a little more strawberry blonde than the one I received initially.  The eyebrows are definitely more symmetrical, but the eye screening on the left eye is still a little off.  The eyeshadow on her right eye looks a deeper color and less crease is exposed.  It's a better version, but still not as good as the quality of IT dolls from a few years ago.
While I was sending off items for replacement, I included the skirt from Out All Night Lillith.  The packing receipt that came for the Erin head showed that the skirt was also included.  (You can see the defect in the earlier post by following this link: Out All Night Skirt Problem).  I excitedly tore into the package.  The only item inside was a pair of black shoes.  ????  I contacted Customer Care and have been assured the skirt is "in the mail". ….

Until it arrives, I guess I can redress and play with my wonky-eyed Erin.  It's not that noticeable in full length photos.
I guess we'll see what the Lillith/Eden gift set brings later this month.   The first IT reveal will be soon, but I am very reluctant to pre-order anything these days …  It is May 21 and no 2016 releases so far.


Champagne Star said...

I know how you feel. Most of the dolls released I don't like, and the few that I do buy I end up selling after a few months because the appeal just isn't there. I've decided this will be my last year buying Mattel dolls. I mainly buy my male dolls for IT, so I may get one or two of the Color Infusion convention releases, but otherwise I'm done with doll buying for a while.

Jaye said...

I can understand based on the quality issues you have experienced. I am getting through this year with IT and then figuring out if I will join again next year. I am hoping options will improve. I really joined to get males, but a few 'must have' girls could be invited to come join the current residents.

I hope things improve well enough for your collecting to remain a joy.

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed with the latest Nuface girls, I have sold Erin immediately. I could not bond with Nadja, so I sold her too. I had to send Dominique and Giselle on repaint, in order to keep them. These girls are not cheap and I hate to invest in them additionally to love them. And we waited almost 9 months to get them...

Up until now, factory dolls used to be better than prototypes, but now things changed. I will include the risk that the doll will not be as nice as the one on the promos, so I doubt I will preorder anything. Convention dolls are released sooner and you know what you will get, so I will focus on them.

I preordered Eden and Lillith too, don't know what to expect.