Monday, April 4, 2016

Chop Shop

I always enjoy writing about my favorite Integrity Toys (IT) molds.  Those who visit here know I'm a sucker for Eugenia, Agnes, Adele 2.0, Elyse, and Vanessa 1.0.   I can appreciate the beauty in most dolls and have tried to make sure there is at least one example for each IT mold in my collection.

Today we are going to review a doll that has been in her box and shoved to the back of the closet for almost three years now.  She was one of the original FR2 dolls designed by IT and released in 2010, but we've not seen her since 2013.   There have only been six versions of the mold ever produced, and she rarely comes up on secondary market.

Here is Purity Dasha.
And a closeup.  I'm not sure if it is the beady eyes, the cream skin tone, the severe hairstyle, or what, but Purity Dasha has been one of the least appreciated dolls produced by IT.
But you got to love this dress!  It's obvious that Nightfall Agnes Von Weiss appreciates it!  She ripped it right off her!  (It really suits Agnes!)

And I've been looking for a body donor for Cate Blanchett.  Some will gasp that I gave a FR2 body to a Mattel doll, but I don't care.  We are talking Cate Blanchett after all!  She is wearing a Silkstone suit.

So, I guess the ensemble found a home and the body is placed with another doll.  I have an extra head just laying around now.  It does sometimes feel like a chop shop around here.


jSarie said...

I know I should be focusing on the outfit, but the eyebrows on Purity Dasha are killing me! Love the arch shape there!

Phyllis said...

Nightfall Agnes does look beautiful in that dress! And I am pretty sure you are not the only one who puts Mattel heads on FR bodies. I think Roville put her Cate Blanchett on a Monogram body, I put mine on a Poppy Parker body (Japan Skin tone). Plus I have put several of my other Mattel dolls on spare Dynamite Girls bodies. Oh, and I have also put some Ken dolls on FR Homme bodies too.

Dolls without articulation do not last long around here if they don't get rebodied, so I know what you mean about it looking like a chop shop in the doll room.

april_n_paris said...

The FR dolls are truly in a class by themselves. HOWEVER...sometimes I think in their effort to make a super sophisticated looking face, some dolls come away look a little bitchy, a little tough, a little evil. That definitely is a turn-off for me. I have not given FR bodies to Barbie, but I have been guilty of putting FR heads on Barbie bodies. (I like that Barbie Model Muse takes one very perfect fashion pose!) But at the end of the day, I still ended up rebody them to their proper FR body!

Tali said...

"Beady eyes".....
Squinting in the sun is more likely. She can use a good pair of stylish sunglasses.

jayric said...

Your cate blanchette look gorgeous with FR body, I put my mutya into FR and she look amazing..