Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's A Shame ...

I was hoping the two Integrity dolls that I paid for on March 7 would've arrived before my blog entry today.  Didn't happen.

I was trying to wait on their arrival before returning some other merchandise.  I guess I decided to be optimistic - I hope it doesn't come back to bite me.

In addition to the Voltage Erin head (subject of an earlier post), I had to return several items.  Last September when my Out of This World Poppy Parker arrived, I took photos.  I have come to the conclusion that the camera picks up things that one would normally miss with the naked eye.  NOTE:  Collectors probably should photograph all of their dolls when they arrive and look at closeups for problems!   Had it not been for the photo, I may not have realized there was a problem until after the warranty period (1 year for workmanship).   She had lip rubs - probably due to putting the hairnet on before the paint dried.   My NRFB doll had to be removed and decapitated.   Out with the heating pad!  (And don't think I didn't notice how thick the upper eyeliner was on left eye compared to the right!)
Although Reigning Grace has been standing in the display case since October, her dress needed to be removed and returned.  The hemline is all crooked, it's even higher than the underskirt in the back.
Unfortunately, these pleated sheer hemlines are a challenge for Asian factory workers.  The same thing happened with Out All Night Lillith.  (I hated taking this off because I was planning to leave the doll NRFB for now.)
My Prestige Natalia's skirt was missing the zipper pull.   In addition, the worker who tied her into the box must have had sharp finger nails because the top of the "leather belt" on the skirt had a tear in it.

When I contacted Patient Care about the skirt issues, the response was "we will inspect them for you and exchange them of course if they are defective."  For some reason, that's not the sort of response I expect.   I sent these exact same photos when I notified Patient Care.  I spend more money on Integrity Toys products in one year than I do on food.   I may be eating better this year.

Don't get me wrong.  I love Integrity Toys dolls and have been a fan for over 10 years now.  Unfortunately, they really don't have very much competition in this size doll line and the quality seems to be very inconsistent over the past three years.  It's a shame.


Anonymous said...

Here's something that might interest you; there's this Chinese company that makes silicone 1/6 seamless bodies with steal skeleton. They have also full dolls with beautiful head sculpts; you can swap the heads of your 1/6 prefered dolls, or you just can purchase the body and put the head on it.

People are posting pics with spectacular results:

The company page:

But I recommend you to search for the bodies on ebay.


Jaye said...

Wow! There were some disappointments. That lip rub thing would drive me crazy. The skirt issues would irritate me. Those dolls are not cheap to let the quality go. I never thought to photograph them up close immediately. I think I will try that. Thank you.