Saturday, January 9, 2016

First Doll of 2016

The ITBE Santa Grab Bag group of 8 dolls was a lot of fun for many collectors - myself included.   I loved the concept, the frenzy, the excitement, the trading, the buying, the selling … all of it!   I was fortunate to get the four dolls I really wanted.   They were all paid for and arrived in 2015.  I hope to do deboxing entries for each of my ITBE over the next few weeks.

This new ITBE line, coupled with my Best of 2015 list, got me looking more carefully at my ITBE dolls.  Some of my very favorite dolls in my collection have come from the ITBE line:  Hard Metal Lilith, Gold Glam Adele, Second Skin Vanessa 1.0, Shimmering Copper Isha, Rare Jewel Rayna, and Love Roulette Vanessa 2.0.  I was surprised to find that many of the ITBE dolls have found homes here!

The one ITBE that has continued to elude me is In Sequins Anja.  I missed the purchase of her from the 2013 Convention (there were just too many beautiful dolls offered at that convention), and I have refused to pay her secondary market prices on e-bay.  Recently, a doll friend named Rhonda offered her NRFB at an very nice price.  I couldn't pass her up.

As with all ITBE girls, she is produced with the barest of accessories.  Here is a photo of her NRFB.
As you can see, she comes with one pair of shoes and the ensemble she is wearing (although she is wearing panties underneath the dress).  That is one drawback of the ITBE line - no jewelry, purse, extra hands, etc.  But what a beautiful face!
I'm not sure why Integrity Toys (IT) produces this line with a special stand, but I completely dislike this stand.  To me, it's worthless.  I've never been able to get the straddle part to work correctly with any doll, and I don't care for the underarm part.
Many collectors love this dress!  It fits the FR2/NF2 body.  It's almost a metallic cocoa color.  I'm not sure how else to describe it.  It's like brushed pink gold.    There is nothing basic about these great shoes  though!
There was so much gunk in her hair, I had to wash it out.  I don't really care for the long center-part bangs.  They are messy and hard to manage.

Before December 31 was up, I had to use my $20 Barbie Collector Club coupon.  I purchased the new Barbie Look blonde.  I don't care for the face up, but I wanted her articulated body for another doll and was hoping the ensemble could be added to my dolls' wardrobe.
I was ecstatic to find the ensemble consisted of a skirt and camisole teddy!  Which fits the old NuFace body like a glove!
The rest of the ensemble looks better on Anja than it did on its original Barbie.  The skirt is a perfect length and fit.  Even the sleeves on the jacket are a correct length!
So, let's see how I did with my New Year's Resolutions?

A.  She was added immediately to my list of dolls purchased in 2016!

B.  All Guidelines were met!  (That feels great to write.)
  1. I already collect ITBE and NuFace lines - CHECK
  2. She is from the 2013 Convention, so she wasn't an impulse purchase - CHECK
  3. I managed to get my courage up and list 3 dolls on e-bay, hoping one would sell; they all three sold and have been listed on my blog (I am ahead for the year!) - CHECK
  4. It hasn't been two weeks since she arrived and she is deboxed - CHECK 
  5. She was a Convention Exclusive, but I still got her for almost retail price - CHECK
C.  See Number 3 above.  I listed a handful of dolls and ensembles on e-bay.  Three dolls sold!

It feels nice to know that I have started out on the right foot with my 2016 collecting habits.  Now to stay on the path without wandering off - that's the trick!  At least I can feel good about my first doll of 2016 - In Sequins Anja.


Phyllis said...

Great job on sticking to your guidelines! Glad you were able to sell some dolls on ebay. I need to sell some dolls too, but have been hesitant about listing on ebay. I may have to try it now!

Vanessa said...

She looks great in that outfit! Congrats on getting both. Happy New Year.

Bai Yi Lin said...

Now I really want that Style outfit! (I've had my eye on it.) She looks stunning. Congrats on your new doll & sticking to your guidelines.
My New Year's resolution is to make clearer guidelines for my collection. It's all a little vague and malleable right now. (#2 is to update my blog on a regular basis.) >_<;