Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Best of 2015 - Number 6

If you are someone who enjoys collecting NuFace dolls, this was a fantastic year for you.  (For the sake of making this as simple as possible, I am including dolls released on the Monogram body with the NuFace dolls.)

This spring there were two NuFace dolls released as part of the ITBE lineup, five mainline NuFace dolls, the three IFDC dolls were NuFace, 11 NuFace (or Monogram body) dolls were offered at the IT Convention, and 8 ITBE Christmas Grab Bag dolls were characters on the NuFace (or Monogram) body.

If you are someone who also enjoys collecting dolls of color, you were even happier as many of these dolls were produced on tan, latin, or black skin tones.  One of my favorites was a gift doll at the IT Convention.  She is Out of Sight Nadja Rhymes (mold 2.0).

Even though the ensemble is simple, the doll is incredibly dramatic.  She has cute little ankle length boots, an extra pair of hands, and long necklace.  She is in the darker A-Tone skin tone.  IT collectors have only received two other female dolls with completely flocked hair:  the holy grail The Muse Adele Makeda and the much sought after Urban Outfitting Nadja Rhymes.

This doll holds her own with both of these earlier dolls.  She photographs so well that I can't wait to receive the Nadja from the mainline release.  Until then, this version definitely merits a place in my top 10:  Number 6 of 2015 is Out of Sight Nadja Rhymes.


steven best said...

Itegrity should hire you to do all of their promo really have a way of bringing out the personality of each doll you photograph.

Dollz4Moi said...

I adore this doll. I waited so long with fear of what they would do with her and to see this beauty. I rank her in my Top 5 for sure.

Lena McClary said...

I rank this doll very high on my list and sought to get a second one for redressing and I love her re sculpt. She looks exactly like a real person and she favors Grace Jones.
I took her right out of her box as soon as I got to my room. She out shine Adele the centerpiece doll.