Monday, November 23, 2015

The Most Controversial IT Doll of 2015

Before the Cinematic Convention there was a lot of speculation about who the featured convention doll would be.   Because this was an Anniversary Year, many collectors were expecting a Veronique/Adele gift set.  That seemed unlikely since there have already been two such gift sets (Sound Advice from 2006) and Style Counsel from (2011).

I went on-record with a guess of a new character.  Integrity Toys has a history of releasing new characters at a convention:
2004: Cosmetic Takeover Natalia
2006: Concerto in M Agnes Von Weiss
2007: Raw Appeal Lukas Maverick
2008: Fete Acompli Tatyana Alexandrova, Mission Moscow Takeo Mizutani, and Elements of Surprise Eden/Lillith
2009: Blue Blood Elyse Jolie and Evening Glow Dominique Makeda
2010: Hourglass Kesenia,  Provactarice Anja, Night Vision Adrian Von Lamberg, and Always Polished Dasha
2011: Faubourg St. Honore Victoire
2012: High Point Vanessa Perrin mold 3.0
2014: Evening Siren Ayumi Nakamura mold 3.0

For the first time in a very long while, Integrity Toys presented a collection with no "repeated characters".   On the night of the banquet, it was a given that Elyse Jolie would be making an appearance.  Veronique and Adele had both already shown up, Eugenia was a special convention W Club exclusive, Agnes was a gift set.  When attendees entered the dining hall to find Elyse as the centerpiece, there was a lot of speculation about who was yet to come:  the names Rayna, Colette, Dasha, and Tatyana were being tossed around.

When the moment arrived, it has been reported that a silence fell over the banquet room.  Making An Entrance Karolin Stone was unveiled.
Attendees who remembered Intimate Reveal Agnes from 2014 and Midnight Star Elyse Jolie from 2013 had high expectations.  Karolin Stone has a very severe presentation as were collectors' reactions.   Her platinum hair is pulled tightly to her head.  Her square jawline and high forehead were jarring.
Convention attendees starting trying to sell this doll before they even got back to their rooms.  Prices were the lowest some collectors have ever seen for a featured convention doll.  I was able to pick one up NRFB for $100.  (No, that isn't a typo!)  She is a NuFace character.

I immediately spotted a resemblance to The Dark One "Dark Swan Emma" from the television show Once Upon A Time.  Using odd pieces from different dolls, I was able to coordinate an ensemble to capture this character.
I think there is a lot of potential with this doll.  Once collectors calm down, some of them just may regret selling her so low.  I'm very pleased with my purchase!
And of course you can't have Dark Swan without The Savior Emma Swan …
I was able to pick up this gown and shoes for $45.  What a steal!

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Lisa Neault said...

I did not attend this year's convention, but compared to GLOSS convention, and the headaches the staff had with customs holdups, and some of the ghastly 70's fashions on last years dolls, in my honest opinion this year everyone had simply stunning dolls. I think the overall disappointing factor for some attendees is that they did not receive a convention doll &/or centerpiece doll with miniature couture designed by Jason Wu like LAST year...and those go for significantly more on the market. Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss was going for anywhere from $500-700 as soon as she was leaving the banquet hall, compared to poor Karoline Stone.

I myself , sitting on the sidelines think like you. She is lovely and there are many things you can do with her. Someone made the observation that Agnes in Concerto M was a convention doll and everyone hated her- and I have her- she is my favorite doll. It is great that you were able to pick her up at so great a price. I personally love the old Hollywood screening and think she looks sultry, like Harlow.