Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Event Dolls - A View from Outside Part II

30 Convention dolls have now been released.  I had four near misses but two direct hits.  (There is one doll already shown that is still in the running.)   We are ready for the Event Dolls and they are always dangerous to my pocketbook.  BUT, my loving husband has told me I can pick a doll for Christmas.

The first event is the Welcome Banquet.  The table centerpiece is Time and Time Again Adele Makeda.  Had I not already received the mainline Adele, Timeless, I may have been tempted.  I believe Timeless is one of the best IT dolls produced this year.  This year's centerpiece dolls were produced in an edition size of 450 and cost $150.  That's a big difference from the 200 or less editions from the past.
The gift doll was Out of Sight Nadja Rhymes.  This doll worries my bank account.  
My favorite Nadja Rhymes mold 1.0 is Urban Outfitting which is also a flocked hair doll.  In addition, I have 2015 mainline Polarity Nadja on order.

I am still haunting e-bay over this doll, but I'm hoping her secondary market price will come down after the convention.

The Poppy Luncheon is on Friday, so we get two new Poppy Parkers.  First up is the centerpiece (again edition size 450, price $150).   She is Love and Let Love Poppy Parker.  She will make a great companion to the 2015 mainline The Camera Loves Her.

And the gift doll was called Paper Doll Poppy Parker.

There was no dinner on Friday night.  IT provides a dance floor and "marketplace" where artisans can sell their wares.  The lack of a third dinner may be the reason for such large edition sizes for centerpiece dolls.

On Saturday, there is another luncheon.  Attendees must pay extra to attend and be a member of the W Club.  The centerpiece doll was Veronique on a NuFace body.   She is called Stage Presence Veronique Perrin and is an obvious nod to Jean Harlow.  Somehow this doll reminds me of so many other dolls available to collectors already.

And the gift doll was a collector's favorite.  She is Sneak Peek Eden.  This doll will definitely be one of the most sought after from the convention.  Fortunately, her edition size was 600, so patience will definitely pay off.

The last dolls are presented at the final banquet.  There is usually a centerpiece doll and the official souvenir doll.  The centerpiece doll was Starlet Elise Jolie.

I rarely pass up an Elise since I made the mistake of missing "Mrs. Napkinhead".   (Reference to Jude Law in "The Holiday" where he entertains his children with a napkin covering his face.  When Engaging Elise was previewed, I referred to her "hat" as a folded napkin and "Mrs. Napkinhead" stuck.  Now Engaging is the most sought after of all Elise versions and I passed because of a hat!  Stupid me!) There is just too much wrong with this doll.  I don't like the see-through material of the dress and how you can see the pockets.  This hair style was used on Fete Accompli Tatyana several years ago.

And the Official Souvenir doll is a new character, Making An Entrance Karolin Stone.

I've not seen a reaction to a new character this extreme since the Concerto in M Agnes Von Weiss.   This doll is selling less than $200 shipped.   Since Agnes is now a collector's favorite there is hope for Karolin.  This doll reminds me of Air Apparent Veronique from a previous convention.  Someone posted that Karolin reminds them of Dark Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time which has me thinking I may need her to go with "Go West" Natalia/Evil Queen Regina.

These are the final 8 dolls from the convention.  We have a grand total of 38 dolls - talk about a stomach punch to the budget!  I believe this convention was quite good.  It will appeal to the "glam and glitz" crowd and still provides some nice redress dolls for collectors who like things a little more casual.

It is possibly the most diverse collection I've seen.  There are 5 Poppy Parkers, 9 Hommes, 11 NuFace. Dolls were represented in Asian, Black, White, Hispanic, and Tan.    Personally, I would've liked to see a Rayna.

My final thoughts:
  • If I were a Color Infusion collector, I would be very happy - best group yet!
  • If I were an hommes collector, I'd be in financial trouble!
  • The Poppy Parker dolls are exciting and different - Traveling Incognito is my personal favorite!  Reminds me of red haired I Love How You Love Me with relaxed hair.
  • NuFace collectors should be ecstatic since we've be in drought for so long.
  • Overall, there was too much platinum and too many red lips.  I would've liked more variety.
  • Not my favorite convention collection (It would come in at #4, 2009 Iconic,  2013 Premier, and 2008 Heist are still my top 3)
Best dolls in my opinion (4 out of 5 are NuFace!):

  1. Evening Blossom Dominique
  2. Sneak Peek Eden
  3. Up All Night Lilith
  4. Idol Worship Kyori
  5. Out of Sight Nadja

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Lisa Neault said...

I loved Elyse but that dreadful dress made out of ace bandages is just awful...and embarrassing to look at with pockets covering her unmentionables. Sort of like the Kardashians and JayLo had a say in designing poor chic Elyse's dress. I have heard so many derogatory comments about the convention doll character who I must say I think is classic old Hollywood. She has so many possibilities and is lovely, but I love the 30's and 40's look. She reminds me of Madra and Gene Marshall without the makeup- Jamieshow. I think Integrity really did a number on this convention line and with patience a collector will be able to get the ones they want. I fell in love with the Kyori and the Veronique and of course, Agnes and a whole bunch of the CI guys and gals and the Poppys.