Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Need to Plug Up My Mailbox

Apparently, they are getting in somehow!  Another one!

Angel in Blue Poppy Parker.  If this keeps up, I will no longer be able to say "I Do NOT Collect Poppy Parker."  (I guess I shouldn't be saying that now.  What am I?  A closeted Poppy Parker collector?)

I was able to snag one on e-bay at a great price.  How do you resist such a face?  And that hair is so amazing.  Blonde hair and brown eyes.  Crisp red lips.  Thatched brow lines.  She looks more modern than previous Poppy girls, but I LOVE this doll!


Lisa Neault said...

I know. I saw her at convention and what threw me off of her I think was the big hair and the atrocious outfit with the lights shining on her at convention.At first I did not like her. When my roommate got her back to the room and we looked at her I thought take that outfit off of her and she's divine, I might have to buy her, I'm a poppy lover. That face and hair, well she's lovely. It's the whole awful 70's look that turned me off at first.

The model scene has not been as ugly as I had feared, the dolls are kind of cute. I grew up in the 70's awful polyester with the platforms as a child and it was horrendous fashion time. ugh. But the dolls are lovely, even.

Farrah Lily said...

Wow, she has one of the prettiest faces I've seen on any of them. I can see why you couldn't resist!

Veronica Hage said...

She's one of my favorites. Welcome to the poppy collective! ;)