Friday, November 28, 2014

Sensuous Affair Giselle Diefendorf

Giselle is one of my favorite NuFace characters.  She looks so much like a younger version of Agnes Von Weiss.  I fell in love with her when she was released as Costume Drama.  I took so many photos!

Even though she is a preferred model here, I have sold several versions of her.  When I first saw Sensuous Affair Giselle announced as a table centerpiece from the Gloss Convention, my initial response was … "Meh … I had Old Is New and sold her.  I don't need to purchase this doll."  That feeling lasted for about a New York minute.   Here she is still in her box.
Her hair is multi-tone and quite luxurious (which is a common thread among the Gloss convention dolls).   She has wonderful green eyes and a neutral makeup palette.
The stock for this doll is gorgeous.  Those boots are amazing and, fortunately, have a zipper in the back.  Of course, I instantly fell in love with the little tuxedo crop jacket.  That ring is awesome!
But this doll truly comes alive when her hair is combed out and she is given something more casual to wear.
The revised NuFace body did not hit me as negatively as the FR2 body did.  I don't know if it's that I have gotten used to the style, or the design team corrected some of my problems with the original FR2 body.
Since the breasts are smaller they don't "stand up" quite so much, looking more realistic.  The FR2 body looks like a "bad boob job" to me - they sit too high on the breast plate.  The waist on the FR2 body is also too high for my liking.  The NuFace version seems to have better waist definition, although the hip joint does not sit firmly together.  Overall, I actually like the NuFace body much better than the FR2 one.  I told a friend that, even though I really LOVE the NuFace body, this body is quite appealing to me.

(NOTE:  Several collectors have complained about "wobbly-headed" dolls.  My Giselle also had a tendency to act like a bobble-head doll.  I have read that some collectors have successfully used rubber bands or dental bands used for braces to help fix the problem.  The best solution I've read so far is to take one of those ribbon ties IT uses in their packaging to hold the dolls in and tie it around the neck knob, knotting it.)

Regardless of the body.  This doll's stock, face up, and hair are amazing.  IT gave collectors quite a beauty in Sensuous Affair Giselle.


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Troy said...

She is one of my favorites among the convention dolls I added to my collection. Like you, I was relieved to see those fantastic boots had zippers. The doll has a very luxurious feel to her. Fortunately, my Giselle doesn't suffer from wobbly head (though my Chrome Noir Erin does). She is a keeper!