Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Road Less Taken

I guess I've come to a crossroads in my collecting.  This summer's "60 Days of Summer" let me evaluate the FR dolls that were deboxed and on the shelves.   Many FR/FR2 dolls found new homes this summer.  I also sold off the majority of my Silkstones and Vintage Ginny dolls.  On the sidebar, you can see how many girls left.

I find collecting FR/FR2 quite stressful at times.   The collecting community is like jumping into a pool of piranha - so few dolls produced, so many fighting to get one - collectors purchasing multiples to sell and fund their own habit.  Sometimes you just need a break and get away.

So … while waiting for the arrival of this springs FR2 collection, I've moved into a different direction.  In 2006, I purchased a Wilde Imagination Ellowyne.  Her name was Chills.  I also purchased an outfit.   These dolls are 16" and look younger than FR dolls.  Over the years, I have kept my collection in check and only purchased a small number of additional dolls and ensembles.  When I was cleaning closets, I found them.  Here is a favorite.  She is Mistakenly Sad, but I call her Brittany.
I had a student who looked exactly like this doll.  That's why I bought it.

I also purchased the first version of Ellowyne's best friend, Prudence Moody.  Her name was ESPecially Prudence.  This is her photo.
As you can see the outfits on these doll are trendy.

I considered selling my small collection of Ellowyne dolls and visited their website.  It seems that Wilde Imagination is now manufacturing their dolls with inset eyes.  They were having a sell with an extra 20% off.  How could I resist seeing what these dolls with inset eyes were really like for only $70?  So, here is Feeling Drained Three.  She is a wigged doll.  She is wearing an ensemble called Languid.
She is too cute!   Rather than sell some of my dolls, I wound up adding others.   This is Essential Ellowyne 5 - who is called "Fern" around here.
Just look at that face!  She is also a wigged doll, so you can change out her looks.
After purchasing Fern, I wanted some symmetry and got her alter ego.  I purchased the platinum version "Starlet Mood" on e-bay for less $75.  I named her "Gillian".  She is wearing "Under the Rainbow".
Many of these Ellowyne dolls an be picked up on secondary market for less than the retail price of most Integrity Toys dolls.  You can have an excellent collection of Ellowynes for what you might pay for the secondary market price of one FR Holy Grail.

I hope the FR2 dolls show up soon or I could get into some real trouble.   Until then, Gillian is definitely keeping me company.  Another beautiful face!


DLSarmywife said...

While I have always enjoyed seeing your FR/FR2 dolls, I am beyond excited to know that you also collect the lovely Wilde ladies! (I collect them as well!) You have a gorgeous group of girls. Thank you for sharing them. :-)

jSarie said...

I love the expressions on your two painted-eye dolls. I have one of the newer Ellowynes (with the inset eyes), and even though I normally prefer the realism of inset eyes, in this case its the painted ones that seem to have more character - they're really lovely!

Brini said...

Their faces are truly works of art. I do commend you on your dolls and passing on dolls to new homes. Some would be hard to let go but knowing you made someone else happy is even better. Your collection is breathtaking and I'm so glad you showcase them here.

Smaller Places said...

These are so gorgeous! They all look as if they have deeply mysterious stories to tell.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who experiences "I should look into selling X... no, let's BUY MORE."

Anonymous said...

Ellowyne dolls and friends have the most beautiful faces!! I love both the painted and inset eyes, and the fashions are just fabulous, especially the last one on the photographs. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely ladies in this post :-)

Linda Robinson said...

Beautiful! I hope I can resist the Wildes.