Sunday, November 17, 2013

Refining ...

I often see my collection as something organic. It seems to always be growing, changing, and, hopefully, improving. I have sold MANY dolls as a collector. I like to believe they are bringing joy to others.

I tend to be very careful when making changes to my collection. Releasing a doll is a difficult decision for me; one that I try to make with a great deal of reasoning. Because I take so much time and put so much thought into my collection, I rarely sell a doll that I regret letting go.

There have been a few times I've had to "re-purchase" a doll that leaves -  I guess we all make mistakes. I needed money a few years ago and sold a desirable NRFB doll. Fortunately, I was able to get her back and, by watching the secondary market, spent less than I sold her for. She was Glow Vanessa.
She is an amazing doll whose dress is as coveted as the doll herself. This doll unfortunately suffers from the Tyra Banks' curse of "Five-head".   I actually found a doll with a better hairline than the one I sold.
The most important lesson I've learned as a collector is that everything comes around sooner or later. Since I've been collecting dolls most of my life, I've learned the trends. The best time to buy older dolls for your collection is right before or right after a convention. Other collectors are eager to get newer dolls, so they let go of some of their favorites. Some travelers need money for airfare and hotel expenses. Some really great dolls show up at really good prices.  Many other collectors are in the same boat of needing money, so they choose to not participate in the regular feeding frenzy.

A couple weeks before the Integrity Convention, I found a doll that had been on my radar for some time, a doll I had given up on adding to my collection; I hadn't even bothered adding her to my list of grails.  She is Venus Secret Eugenia.
There were many exceptional dolls listed on e-bay prior to the convention.  I believe Integrity had cleaned out their storage area, and staff and family put these dolls out to the public. Many of these dolls were listed by the same four e-bay sellers.  I couldn't believe my luck to add this doll to my collection.
Due to restrictions of teaching in a public school, I was unable to attend the Integrity Convention.  My good friend, Reese, was going this year and had a friend who wanted to go with her.  This friend does not collect dolls but wanted to attend a convention for the experience.  She offered to be my proxy.  I was so happy!  I was able to purchase the mainline collection at cost, receive all the free dolls and swag, and purchase any centerpiece dolls my friend didn't want to keep.  I saved on airfare and hotel expenses.  What a great friend!!  By selling many dolls this summer, I was able to pay for the convention and collection ahead of time.  This freed up some money this fall, so I got to add a NRFB Shapeshifter Natalia to my collection.
The seller had decided she needed money to purchase the Poppy dolls from the convention and decided to let this beauty move on to a new home.   I was going to wait and photograph Shapeshifter when I received the Convention doll Brazen Beauty.  They are being compared quite a bit.  However, I do love this face and hair!!

Shapeshifter is only the second Natalia I've purchased that will remain in my collection.  I had been watching this black dress and gown for years - they often sell for $100 each.  So, you cannot imagine how excited I was to get the NRFB gift set.

As everyone knows, I am not a doll "hair dresser".  One poor doll that suffered at my scissors was Red Zinger Dania.  She has been hiding in a box bald-headed.   I keep meaning to have her re-rooted but just haven't had the time.   Imagine my joy at finding her last week at an incredible price!
Her hair was in its original set and hairnet.  She was so sold nude (which was great since I had everything else anyway).

So, my collection has grown quite a bit this fall.  In my next blog entry, I hope to show actual photos from the convention collection.  

But now it's time to refine and let some girls move on to new homes.   I wonder who will go?  When the furor of the convention dolls dies down a little, I'll probably list some girls after Thanksgiving.  As I follow trends, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be some of the better weeks to sell dolls.   It seems they make great holiday presents!


The grandmommy said...

I am so glad you were able to snatch your beloved doll. I just love the attitudes on all of their faces. No simple smiley faces here! LOL

Carrickters said...

These are some lovely dolls you've added to your collection. Thank you also for the tips of when are the best times to look for dolls - I must admit I tend to haunt ebay for a while to get an idea of prices before I buy a particular doll.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

they are beautiful. Venus Secret Eugenia is really one of a kind!

Rebekah Hall said...

Meep. If you decide to refine out any of your Kyoris let me know. qq: