Saturday, September 14, 2013

Simply Irresistible

What can I say?  I'm a sucker for tan dolls with blonde hair.  I still believe it's because my first "big girl" doll as a child was Malibu Barbie.  My sister got Malibu PJ, and we played with those poor dolls until we almost wore them out.  (Actually our PJ didn't survive!)

When the event doll from the Integrity reveal in late spring was announced, I wasn't very excited about her.  It was the second Dania offered, and I thought I may already have enough tanned, blonde dolls:  Cosmetic Takeover Natalia, Glow Vanessa, Going Public Eugenia, Long Cool Woman Kesenia, and Force of Nature Agnes.   But the one thing you learn very early on as a Fashion Royalty collector, it's better to buy and take a chance.  If you miss a good doll, you really pay for it on secondary market.

Irresistible Dania arrived last week.  As collectors were receiving their dolls, photos started appearing.  In some photos her eyeshadow looks blue and in some it looks more gray.   I posted the first photo I took (from my dining room table).

I promised that this weekend I would take more care with her.  So, here is what she looks like in the box.  This photo was taken with only natural morning light from a nearby window.  I did not photo shop any of these photos.

Here is another closeup in the box.

Integrity has done a great job with the accessories this year.   The jewelry, though quite chunky, is on trend right now.   The shoes and purses have been phenomenal.

When I took her out of the box, I decided to leave the red belt off and use different earrings.

Another closeup, without the plastic protector this time.

One of my favorite dresses for tan, blonde-haired dolls is the Riveting Premiere Isha dress.  I just knew Irresistible would look great in it.

The hair on this doll will require attention.  I know it can be relaxed and styled differently.  But as everyone knows, hair styling is not my strength.   I am eager to see what everyone else accomplishes.  Maybe I'll get brave.   I can already hear my husband laughing in the background.


The grandmommy said...

Dang! She is nice. Love that jacket. She is a doll you could wear out like PJ! lol

toto said...

On the contrary, she was a must for me when she was revealed, but now looking at these pictures, not sure...
Did anyone notice she doesn't have the same hair style as on promo pictures? She should have the same hair as Ambitious Kesenia, which is a lot shorter and has more curls, much more elegant. As a result her forehead is much bigger.
Since I have Splendid Jordan, this one looks just like her (even accessories) only tanned...
I still don't have her in hand maybe I will be thrilled, hope so :)

toto said...

Got mine, yes, she is indeed something special, I like her!!!

Dollz4Moi said...

She is gorgeous and I hope to debox my lady this week some time. She is gorgeous (2x's LOL) and I'm glad I ordered her.

Love her in RP

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know and other collectors, that some of these dolls are arriving with mold (mine did), just want to put it out there to others to be aware in case.