Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tales of the Body Snatchers Part II

In my last blog entry, I posted that I was going to start stealing bodies from newer dolls.  During the "Webinair via e-mail" event, IT informed collectors that it had corrected the problem with tan dolls having plastic that changes color - especially the hands.

In the last few weeks, the FR Classics line has been released.  Fortunately, I purchased one of each new doll.  Here is Polished Korinne who has the improved tan body.

She came with some great accessories.
Here is a closer look at the jewelry.  It is gorgeous!
And the gloves are lace!  They are difficult to get on but are very beautiful.
Here is Korrine out of the box.
I originally purchased this doll for the blouse and jewelry.  Although I still think that Shake It Up Korinne from the 2012 IFDC is best representation of this mold, this doll really grew on me quickly.  I was surprised by how much I actually like her.

Fortunately, they made 700 of this version and it has had very lukewarm reception.  These dolls can be picked up nude on the secondary market for a very reasonable price.   With the recent news about the reitrement of the FR body, I will need several of the Korinne body to replace some of my older ones.

I recently took out Going Public Eugenia for a photo shoot and was shocked by how much her body had changed.

 I got a second Korinne nude for a great price.  Now Eugenia is ready for more photos.
I purchased another for Paparazzi Bait Adele.  She looks so much happier now.

I also bought bodies for Glow Vanessa and Firefly Agnes.  When the bodies arrive, I'll show photos.    It's amazing how much a quick body change can make me love my older girls all over again!


Vanessa said...

I didn't see part I yet, but this is so disheartening. I can't imagine dealing with something like this after paying so much money for those dolls. I only have a few FR dolls and haven't had to deal with that issue. I have three words about this whole situation, Class Action Suit.

PS - Your dolls look lovely.

Liz said...

I was really into collecting BJD's and you at a point just had to accept that the resin yellows over time. Luts had a bad job with beauty white becoming beauty green. I had one doll completely out of the sun and his one side was yellowed from the light in the room. So its just kinda a hit and miss. I just ended up really accepting this was going to happen, even coming to this community. I mean it sucks that it happens. I know my Erins hands are rather yellow.

The grandmommy said...

The expression on these women's faces are awesome even if their bodys won't co-operate!