Friday, May 17, 2013

Tag Games

I'm not 100% sure how they work, but on flickr they have this social game where individuals can choose a theme, post a photo, and then tag others who post on flickr to add their photos to the theme.  I think this is super cool.  I just started posting on flickr this past fall, and was only ever been tagged once.  I was tagged for the Five Favorite Dolls of 2012. 

My dear friend Rich (who is a regular name on my blog) tagged me for the theme "Seductive Side Glance".  So, now I have been officially tagged twice!  He posted an incredible photo of High Drama Eugenia dressed in Randall Craig.   I got tagged by Rich just as I received my NRFB High Drama in mail.  (I actually sold enough Monster High Dolls to purchase her!  She'll be the focus of a future blog entry.)   I considered this an example of serendipity.  Thank you Rich!

It has taken me a couple of weeks to figure out who I wanted to choose for my photo and how to dress them.  I looked over my shelves and carefully considered all my girls who have a side glance.  Tonight I looked at a girl who I consider to be one of the most sensuous dolls ever produced.  So ... here is Cosmetic Takeover Natalia wearing the lingerie from the 2012 Integrity Doll "And Another Thing Kyori".

I hope you like it.

To see some other phenomenal photos, just search Tag Game:  Seductive Side Glance on flickr. 


Shasha said...

Hey it's Shasha! I love how Kyori's hair fall like those in the shampoo commercials. Brilliant :)

Shasha said...

Yikes, and that was Natalia, not Kyori! Sorry...

Anonymous said...

She's lovely, Chaundra; hers and Kyori's face sculpts are among my most favourite. I mean, their former sculpts..."Natalia Fatalé & Kyori Sato - Black as Night" gift-set is one of my grails.


Jaël said...

Love it!!