Monday, April 22, 2013

Rapid Fire

I was continuing my struggle with Out Sass Vanessa and beginning to feel the pressure of deboxing one.  I showed the two to my dear husband who responded, "They are EXACTLY the same doll."  I had to point out the subtle differences.  He rolled his eyes and told me I was obsessing over nothing.  Then he said, "Just put them away and look at them again when you've got nothing else to do."

I reminded him that the Classic line was due out in a few weeks and I wanted to get this matter over before they arrived.  "But isn't collecting about the enjoyment of each doll?"

That question made me pause.  Which, as doll collectors, I don't think we do enough.  With the sheer numbers of dolls released from the different variety of production companies, do we ever really get to pause and spend some quality time with our dolls?

Last year, Integrity Toys released 108 dolls.  Guess how many moved into my house - I am ashamed to admit that 56 came to live with me - 29 just from the Convention.   And even though I have sold six of them, 29 of them are still in their boxes. 

I cannot even imagine how many Mattel released.  They did seduce me back to Silkstone with 9 offerings.

This doesn't even take into consideration the past editions that are purchased on secondary market.  It's very easy to add one doll per week to your collection!  How much play time do you get with each individual doll at that rate?

I admire collectors who can truly limit themselves to a few dolls they consider perfect.  The redress opportunities they have - the characters they create - the more intimate collecting relationship with the product.

I go from one to the next at a feverish pace!  The ones I truly appreciate often set in the curio for months wearing the same outfits.  I continue to sell off dolls throughout the year which helps pay for the new dolls, but I still don't get the opportunity to relish a new acquisition and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

It's time to make some changes.

P.S. I apologize there are no new photos this week. 


Roville said...

This is an interesting post. It’s a smart idea to step back and rethink our hobby habits. We should always be sure we are at peace with it.

Liz said...

Honestly thats why I was getting out of the BJD's. After six/seven years I just dont find any joy in the hobby. I, along with my friend decided to switch to 1/6th scale. I love making the dioramas and everything and at first I was going "OMG I need them all!" and was really bringing alot home that first year in trying to collect all the erins XD

This year Im being alot more planned. I limit myself, making sure that doll is fitting for a character, or I just make sure I get one. I got one from the last webinar, and then the same this one around. So im really just watching what i bring home this year.

Theres no rush, I just want to take my time and enjoy it :3

Anonymous said...

I think it's a little hard because it seems you have to decide in a split second to buy or not buy. It's almost flight or fight! If you don't rush to pre-order, you may never get that doll again for a decent price. I think the frenzy is part of the sales model. When you come up with the solution--be sure to let us all know! don

Vanessa said...

This is so true. I don't collect really expensive dolls and even with the inexpensive ones, I feel overwhelmed. Most of my dolls are deboxed and there's a rule over here that they must work. They can't sit around doing nothing. So when I go to buy another doll, I pause often, because that means fitting them into the story, building them a house or office, finding them a boyfriend/husband, etc. I have left many dolls in the store for that very reason. It really needs to be fun, not stressful.

D7ana said...

Waving at you from the OMG-how-did-I-get-so-many camp.

I laughed at your husband's statement that the dolls were the same; we collectors can detect the subtle differences when the dolls look practically the same. There might be a twist to the mouth or a lift of the brow that causes us to get a second near duplicate doll.

Then again, sometimes the doll artists do a great job on the face paint. And I get a second ... although that is when I need to choose. For space's sake ;-D