Saturday, January 5, 2013

All I Want For Christmas ...

I didn't get a doll for Christmas this year.  After the convention and the last of the pre-orders arriving, I had plenty to debox.   From my 12 of 2012, 11 of them had never been redressed; 9 of them were still NRFB. 

I have been admiring some OOAK clothing items throughout 2012.  There are some incredibly gifted doll clothing designers in our community.  I have purchased a few inexpensive items along the way - just like any collector.  I was nervous about spending as much on an ensemble as what some doll cost. 

Right before Christmas Dagamoart released their newest clothing line:  The City 2013.  I sat at my computer and poured over photos for hours.  My dear husband told me, "Get yourself one for Christmas.  It will be your last Christmas present from me."  I couldn't believe it.  It took me forever to choose the one I wanted.  It arrived just in time for Christmas. When I took off the wrapping, I found that the box was very nicely presented.

Inside the box was a metal container with a clear window, so you could see the contents.
Here are the pieces.  Thigh high heel-less boots, a silver braided purse, a gorgeous dress, a knit sweater with ribbon belt, and a little bow pin.  The outfit is called "Rose".
Who gets to wear it?  Well, the #1 doll of 2012 of course!  Here is Giselle in just the dress with the boots.
And here is how she looks in the full outfit
Very chic!

I think she likes doll couture, don't you?


Roville said...

Ooooh... how gorgeous is she! You picked a most delicious fashion! The pin on her collar! Having had the good fortune of acquiring a couple of Daga’s fashions in the past, I got tingly recalling my pleasure upon opening her packaging as I view you unveiling yours (her packaging is art in and of itself, isn’t it?). The only problem with Daga’s work is if the dolly gets one she becomes relentless in demanding more. LOL Congratulations on a purchase you won’t regret - it will give you years of pleasure. Thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful photos.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the outfit you bought for Christmas. Your doll is very pretty. Keep in touch

Magdalena M said...

Gosh I'm so jealous! Rhis Polish outfit isn't for Polish pocket! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much girls,
Jessica, Giselle on your photos looks so classy.
Robin believe me I'm drooling when I watching your website- I can't find words to say how great designer you are.
Magda od dłuzszego czasu planuje linie na polski rynek ; )
Hugs Dagmara

divafan said...

What a gorgeous fashion! And Robyne, Giselle looks fabulous in it. I can't thank you enough for sending me the link to Dagmara's website.


Anonymous said...

You must be reading my mind because I told myself for 2013 I need to buy fewer dolls (ha, ha) and more dolly clothing. I really appreciate the focus on designers of fashion doll clothing. Keep them coming! Dagamoart's work is beautiful. I know I will be purchasing soon - I'll have to haunt that website until things come up for purchase

Love your blog and look forward to each update. Happy 2013.