Friday, November 9, 2012

Catching Up

The photo theme at Pink Parlor this week is "I knew I was in trouble when.... show your doll(s) that pushed you over the edge."

I was with Integrity Toys from almost the beginning.  The first Integrity doll I saw that I knew I had to own was the 2003 Flame Rouge Veronique.  She had never been taken out of her box and has been living in my closet.  I took her out and realized that her body was yellowing.  It was time to finally set her free.
I love dolls with raven hair.
Fortunately, I had an extra handspeak, tall caucasian skintone body.  It was time to turn on the heating pad!  Here she is sporting her new body!
Since I was busy "catching up", I decided it was time to debox the Tim Gun dolls.  I purchased these before the convention and they were still in their Target bag.
The blonde is lovely.  I am going to add a closure to that coat though.
Surprisingly, I think I prefer the brunette. 
They are really cute together.
I couldn't leave behind the additional skirt outfit.
I think these outfits will get a lot of use in my doll's wardrobes.  I will probably put the dolls on articulated bodies. 

Escapism has become quite the diva around here.  When the camera comes out, she immediately expects her photo taken.
I was recently able to acquire Quiet Storm Annik's outfit.  A cat fight eruped in the doll room and the victor was Imogen (who is going to be named Shea).
Shea is one of the most photogenic dolls I own.  I enjoy her more and more.
There is a doll show here in Atlanta this Sunday.  I am trying to talk myself out of going.  I keep reasoning that I just got back from Orlando.  I don't have the budget to afford anything else.  Let's see how it goes.


Fashion Doll Foto said...

LOVE your dollies! I think you need to go to the show!


Georgia Girl said...

Beautiful dolls! I so understand about choosing whether or not to attend the Collector's United Doll Show. I have decided against going. I am still recuperating from FR Con. I had fun, fun, fun and if I had to do it all over I would have done the same thing and probably bought a couple more dolls! Lol!!

Vanessa said...

Who will help me shop if you are not there? I even have more money to spend this time. Of course, there is NOTHING that I need. I am getting overwhelmed with dolly stuff. But I missed the last one, so I will be there.

Roville said...

Veronique looks utterly amazing. She must have been ever so grateful to escape her box and yellowing body. She’s a delight to look at.

Did you manage to resist going to the Atlanta show? LOL

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Veronique Rouge is gorgeous. I agree with you that I like her hair black. I have also the blonde Barbie Tim Gunn. I love these two dolls. In my country are very expensive. Each one is worth $ 60 (50 euros). . I love your dollies ... awesome collection. We keep in touch.