Monday, May 21, 2012

Self Restraint

After my recent shopping spree (which will be the topic of an upcoming blog), I decided it was time to exercise some self-restraint.  Unfortunately, there was a big doll show in Atlanta this weekend.  I set out with a specific budget in mind.  In addition, my husband and mother-in-law each told me to purchase something for my birthday from them at the show.  So I decided to only take $200 of my own money for spending.

Here is my haul:

I always go completely through the doll show once and then back track to make purchases.  I missed one item I really wanted by doing this, but it would have really hurt my spending anyway.  It was a vintage, NRFB Cara Barbie.  The seller was asking $125 for her and I knew I wouldn't get much more if I spent the majority of my budget on her.  The dealer didn't take plastic, so Cara couldn't come from my husband.

The purchase from my husband was the Grace Kelly "My Romance" Silkstone giftset.  I got it for $59.  I thought that was an extraordinary deal.  My dolls are waiting impatiently to get hold of these outfits!
A very nice dealer whom I had purchased from previously (and she even remembered me) had the retro sofa and coffee table from the 2010 Barbie Convention for sale.  She knew that I played with my dolls and photographed them.  She gets all excited about how I enjoy my collection and doesn't mind giving me a good deal.  ("I'd rather sell to someone like who gets so much pleasure from your dolls than selling to someone who will put it on ebay and make money on me!")  She lowered her price and let me have both the coffee table and the sofa for $45.    I knew I could get some diorama mileage on this, so I was on my way.

After Jurrie posted photos of Victoire Roux wearing the reproduction Gold N Glamour outfit, I had been on the hunt for this ensemble.  I found a collector/seller who had one NRFB for sale.  I got it for $40.  Couldn't pass that up!
Can't wait to get that on one of my girls!  You'll see the doll for sale soon.  One of my followers asked me where I sold items ... I sell strictly on The Doll Page Show and Sell Site.   I sell reasonable and my items usually go fast.  I sell under my first name "robyne".  

I had been looking for some vintage outfits, and one of my bestfriends had set up a booth.  She gave me the "bestfriend discount", so I was able to land this minty and complete American Airlines Stewardess outfit for $40.  It's an outfit I've had my eye on for some time.
I found several other great vintage items.  I passed on some wonderful Mint In Box Barbies (I was sincere about that budget!).  Another seller had several very nice outfits.  I only purchased one vintage zebra bathing suit, a country fair skirt, and a pair of yellow pilgrim shoes.  I got all three pieces for $15.

I also found some odd plastic furniture I thought I could use in various scenes.  It was only $10.  A little girl was selling it to buy some summer clothes.  I couldn't resist.

That brought my total to $150.  I knew I needed some more Kaiser stands.  A lady was selling them for $1 each or $11 for a dozen.  I purchased two dozen of them.  She also had two black stands.  I got those as well.  That was an additional $24.  I still didn't have a gift from my mother-in-law.  I have been wanting this Frank Sinatra Barbie outfit.  I had seen the doll at Tuesday Morning for $19.  The cheapest I saw it at the show was $29.  I stopped by Tuesday Morning's on the way home and picked it up. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has a pivotal body.  I still have enough money left to go back and get another one!  I'll be doing some Frankendolly work on a "Frankie" Barbie.  How strange!

This was the first show I attended without a friend in tow.  I spent less money than I planned (and even the gifts were reasonable priced!).  Maybe friends are a bad influence at a doll show!  Surely, no one can accuse me of that.  I know at least three who would totally disagree with that statement!


Vita Plastica said...

Another doll show in Atlanta? How do you find out about these things. So jealous! Not that I need to be spending any money... Great haul!

Heather said...

I have the Sinatra barbie... or I should say, I have her clothes. I gave the pivoting body and head to a friend.

Those are great finds though!!!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on all your purchases. I love all American AirlinesStewardess. I see you bought as fabulous. What envy! Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Wow great prices for some fab items! Can't wait to see some re-dressing!

Georgia Girl said...

Hi Robyne, you bought some nice things. I was also at the show. I purchased some nice items from the nice lady who you purchased the convention sofa and table from. : ) Overall, I thought it was a nice show...not as many vendors as there normally is, but nice reasonably priced goodies for the most part. Great deals for your haul!

Dollz4Moi said...

Nice new goodies. I love to see what others buy at doll shows. I can't wait to watch the new goodies appear in your blog :O)

MichaelP said...

What a great haul! I covet a minty Stewardess Outfit!... and the Grace Kelly set for $59.00! SCORE!
Enjoy everything! You found fantastic stuff. I live in CA and there is a doll show coming up Mid-June. I hope I can find a few deals, but yours may be hard to beat! ;)

Vanessa said...

You are right, friends are a bad influence at shows. LOL! I know I spent more money when you were with me. Great items. Especially the Grace Kelly set. You know last year I started a budget just to read your blog. I need to rename that budget "Doll shows with Robyne". It wouldn't have mattered this time. I had spent my doll budget, your blog budget, the food budget, etc. I will plan better for November's show.

Steph-a-nie said...

Wonderful purchases!! I hope to one day make the trip down for one of the Atlanta Doll Shows!!