Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fe Fi Faux Fum

There has been a great deal of heated debate recently about the Integrity changes to character molds.  It seemed no mold was safe. 

The greatest furor erupted when Integrity "sprung" it on the collecting community last year that a very beloved mold had been "refreshed".  Here is a picture of the original Vanessa (AFL Raven) with her "refreshed" edition Current Pursuits.
The release of a new sculpt for Vanessa led to the coined phrase "Fauxnessa", which I, personally, think was very clever!  Those who liked the new mold got upset with that term.  It got ugly.  The fireworks started.  (I found the appropriate backdrop for the photo, right?

Actually, I think both molds are beautiful; however, I cannot think of the new mold as "Vanessa".  Even though it may seem derogatory to some, "Fauxnessa" stuck in my collection.  And it is not my intention to offend anyone.

It didn't take long for us to see "Fauxnique" join the word game.  Those who had been upset with Veronique's change chose allegiance to the "No Mo Faux" camp.    (Sheer Goddess Veronique is seen on the left with the newly "refreshed" Breaking the Mold on the right.)  Personally, I tend to prefer the Fauxnique.  I own several of the original mold, but the Fauxnique is drop dead, breathtakingly gorgeous!
Although, with some creative imagination, collectors can say, "Oh, I see a resemblance.  Vanessa/Veronique is in there somewhere," I can't possibly figure out how the latest "refresh" is explained.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Fauchia (pronounced FO-chee-a). FNO Fauchia on the left and Dress Me Luchia on the right.  Dress Me is my very favorite lingerie Fashion Royalty.   
It was at the recent spring unveiling, that collectors were informed that the FNO doll was Luchia "refreshed" and put on an FR2 body.  I've got a pretty good imagination, but I don't see how one led to the other.

Looking back at FR history, Adele was only out a few short years, when she got refreshed.  No one called her Fauxdele.  (I sort of like that name!  LOL!)  Suited Luxury is shown here with Graphic Language.
And if one change wasn't enough, we got a new Adele at the convention last year.   This does cause a problem though.   If we already have Fauxdele.  Who is this???  Fauxy Lady?  (Prounoucing the "x" this time, Foxy Lady.)
And least we forget, even our greatest villainess didn't escape the plastic surgeon's blade.  I remember the "unveiling" of the new Natalia.  Here is Cosmetic Takeover and Power Game. 
How did we miss the golden opportunity of calling this new mold "Fauxtalia Fatale"?

In an effort to keep this post to a short novel, I will not include examples of other changes.  Mainly because I am already bored with the topic myself.  Here is an abbreviated list:  1) Lana Turner didn't even make two releases before she got a mold change, 2) Even though it involved an accident at the factory, Darla has a new face, 3) Tatyana showed up with a new face at the convention on a FR2 body,  4)  Ayumi followed suit at IDEX, 5)  Although we don't have a production version, Kyori will be different when released later this year, and 6) The first W Club doll is a "refreshed" Erin. 

Maybe at this year's convention, they will offer a therapy session to collectors suffering from FR Fauxbia. 

All of this has my male dolls totally confused.  They have started a stand of solidarity.
Unfortunately, it has been hinted we may see "refresh" versions of the first two hommes, including a Fauxcisco, in the near future.  I hope with all of this nonsense, Integrity Toys doesn't fall flat on its Fauxierre!


Fashion Doll Foto said...

I LOVED this post SO much!!!
Me personal opinion is that the only dolls who got better were Adele (2nd Sculpt) and Veronique (#2 I feel really looks more related to Vanessa #1. My new FR girl is the Original Natalia who was masterfully repainted. She remains my #1 FR Diva. :) Many thanks for sharing more of your fabulous insights!

Liz W (In Austin) said...

you forgot Erin's new look, which, while not having a snappy name for it, is less like Erin than 'faux'nessa is like Vanessa, sigh.

queen said...

I don't collect FR dolls, but I really enjoyed this post! especially the guys with their "bros before faux" sign!

Vanessa said...

Personally I just wish they would retire the old dolls and name the new sculpt something totally different. I find it very irritating. I sort of understand their desire to change the sculpts because I don't think IT does a good job at making the same sculpts look different enough, except for the Poppies. Just my personal opinion. All the Collettes look the same. All the latest Ciscos look the same. All the Giselles look the same. All the Erins look the same, etc. Boring! Please don't start me on that 3rd Adele sculpt. I had my own name for her....Whitewashed. If I wanted a doll that looked just like the White dolls, I would buy a White doll. Oops, I said I wasn't going to get started. I was happy to see the Adeles for 2012.

Heather said...

This was a great post... and I love the Bros before Faux sign, LOL.

Honestly, I'm pretty new to FR girls. I have a Kyori... but my first, official, fullset girl is going to be the new refreshed Erin.

Having known nothing about former molds, I just saw her and fell in love... I had no idea she was "refreshed" or that some people were steaming mad about this doll!!