Sunday, November 6, 2011


I first want to warn anyone reading this from work that there are photos of a nude Jakks Pacific doll in this post.  She has her "privates" covered, but I don't want anyone being surprised.

I went to the Collector's United Doll Show this past Saturday with the best of intentions.  I had my list!  I even hooked up with Vanessa who inspired it. 

My battle plan for a doll show is to circle the room once through and buy only the "must haves" ... "probably won't be there next round" dolls.  I tend to move at a hurried pace, look at prices, make offers, move on...

In my first circle, I purchased a box of 12 Kaiser Stands ($12) ... the gentlemen selling the box of Kaiser stands told me he only brought two boxes and they tend to go fast, so I went ahead and got them.  In the third isle, I spotted a NRFB Cruella Deville.
I've been looking for the Cruella Deville outfit for a while.   The dealer sold her to me for $20.  Here's a picture of her out of the box.

I know she wasn't on "The List", but I was sure the outfit would look great on one of my FR girls.  Here is Go West wearing it.

Toward the end of my first run, I saw a Modern Circle Simone for $10.

Again, not on my list, but the price was right.

And Chaundra has been feeling rather neglected.  She was so happy to get this outfit.

I parked close by and dropped off my first "haul".  It was time for my next trip through.  There were some great deals today.  One dealer had several of the older FR Adele dolls for $60 each.  I passed ... another lucky collector bought all of them!  The same seller had the Todd Oldham doll from my list, but I wasn't willing to pay her $75 price for that outfit.  I did consider the Elizabeth Taylor doll for $35 but decided to pass also.

I went back to the dealer who was selling many NRFB Mattel outfits.  She had several of the Benneton dolls and outfits.  (Each outfit was $10 and I was very tempted.)  I did snag the Barbie Millicent Roberts Snow Chic So Chic for $12.  I have considered buying this outfit for a long time; the price was right.

The seller next to her was selling several older Jakks Pacific dolls.  I had heard raves about their bodies and thought it would be nice to experience one for myself.  She had the G.I.R.L. Force Body Art Lola doll.  I really wanted those tattoos!  And the price of $10 was excellent.  She made her way into my bag.

I was really curious about this doll's body.  It is extremely realistic with rib bones and everything.

It's a very strange body. It cannot sit, but the legs and arms move.  It is like an automaton in that there is rubber over a "body mechanism".  I love her from behind.

Unfortunately her legs have started to yellow.  Her body proportions are outstanding, but she suffers from the same problem as I do.  Her thighs are quite thick!  It was worth the $10 for the tattoos, the opportunity to actually see one of these bodies and experience it firsthand, and she has a lovely faceup (maybe I'll find an articulated body to match it someday).

I went back to a seller who had the original Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's dolls at reasonable prices.   Oops!  They were gone!  Missed those.

I found the TRU Charity Ball Barbie for $10.

This is a really cute doll.  Again, she wasn't on my list, but what a cutie!

Somehow I knew that one of my other girls would take this dress away.

AFL Vanessa knows she gets anything she wants around here.

Round Two netted two more dolls and one outfit.  It was time for my final round.  The "Big Money Round" as I so fondly refer to it.  I had been very good and spent only $74.  Now, it was time to consider one good purchase.

My #1 choice at this show was a NRFB Zac Posen giftset.  It was just taken out of the the shipper.  I was really in deep "covet" mode.   I had picked up the box and fondled it several times.  Asking price $250.  I know that is reasonable, but I just don't spend that kind of money anymore on Mattel products.  I have wanted that Zac Posen for years, but I just couldn't justify it.   While I was standing there, another collector purchased it.  Problem Solved.

I went to my last temptation of the day, and it was something on my list.  This show was a poor show for Vintage Barbie.  However, one dealer had my piece d'resistance.  As many of you know, when I was young, my sister had a day of hair redressing where she cut many of our dolls' hair. 

Luckily my mother caught her before she got to my Malibu Barbie.   Today was the day that I reunited Barbie with Malibu PJ.  A dealer had her in NRFB condition circa 1970.  I couldn't believe my luck.  She was $85 dollars and I just couldn't leave her there.

It brought back so many memories just seeing this doll.

As I was about the leave, I ran into Vanessa.  We did one more round together.  I showed her the Barbie Friend Ship (Airplane from 1974).  She was able to get it for $10.  Can't wait to see her stories with that prop.  What an awesome buy.

After I got home, I realized that most of my shopping was for clothing; however,  one doll decided she had to join my group.  All she needed was a new body ... a body that was already here, just waiting for the right head.  I give you "Charity".  She is wearing the outfit from "The Making Of ..." Erin. 

She's a real cutie!

I guess I may have been desperately seeking dolls, and found the best doll of all ... Vanessa.  She is just a sweetheart and a new doll friend.  It was a Fabulous Show, but maybe lists don't work well for me!


Dollz4Moi said...

You got some great buys as well. I had some of your buys. It's great to see you found your PJ again. It was meant to be :O)

MJ said...

Great buys! Glad you got your PJ! :-)

Georgia Girl said...

You bought several nice things. I'm sorry I missed you. I saw Vanessa and she told me that I had just missed you and Limbe dolls. I arrived too late to even see the Adele dolls.

Vanessa said...

Awww, it has been a teary blog reading morning and you just added to it. What a sweet thing to say!

I am glad that you finally bought something that was on your list. The idea of having a list is to use it. LOL! I love, love, love the Charity ball doll. She is a cutie. That JAK body is awesome. Sort of sorry I missed the Adele dolls, but not really. I would have gone into depression mode not being able to buy them. I just saw a reroot of one of the Benneton dolls on "A Doll Affinity" blog. So glad I didn't see it before I was at the show. I probably would have bought one of those Benneton dolls I was able to resist. Next time I will have more money to spend, so you can spend your money and my money. Hugs and kisses!

Marta said...

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