Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mistakes ... I've Made a Few

This week was a really rough week for me.  Oct. 26 was the first anniversary of my mother's death.  She really was my bestfriend, and I continue to miss her more than words can express.  Playing with my girls allows me an escape from the grief.

First up ... When I opened my Point of Departure Eugenia, she reminded me of Fine Jewel.  So, I photographed them together and had a "what were you thinking?" moment. 

I wanted everyone to see that wonderful bodysuit that came in POD's giftset, so I dresseed them similarly.  Jewel is wearing the bodysuit from the Dark as Night Giftset.  I was surprised by how different they look.  However, POD does remind me of the "older" FR dolls that I prefer to collect.   There is a super strong elegance to her.

Not to be outdone ... Fine Jewel changed for her own photo shoot.  She is wearing the Midnight Lace Mini Gene outfit.

POD Eugenia was one of very few dolls that I wanted from this year's IT Convention.  I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to get ready for school.  You find some amazing deals on e-bay at that hour.  Someone listed the Workshop Imogen with a pale FR Handspeak body for a super price.  I snapped it up.  Here she is on a NuFace body wearing the FR2 fashion Only Natural.  She is doll number 26.

This year will probably be known as my year of "grails".  I have been able to acquire many of my favorite dolls this year, and now I have started on some of my most desired outfits.  I believe Breaking the Mold Vero is probably the best doll sold to the general public by Integrity Toys this year.   I knew she would look great in Purple Factor.
 "No ... No ... No ... No!  I've had enough!  I can't believe all of this redressing and buying.   AND here I stand still wearing the clothes you put on me this summer.  AND it is snowing in the Upper Eastern part of the U.S.  I have been neglected long enough!"  Chaundra has scolded me brutally!

  "Well ... I did buy a new outfit today.  How about this one?"  I give a truce offering.

"You're kidding, right?  This isn't something that fits my attitude!  Good gracious, woman!  Do I look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm to you?  That's a Poppy outfit, if ever I saw one!"

 "You're right, Chaundra.  Poppy does look cute in this."

"So ... Poppy gets an outfit .... and there's still nothing for me.  I'm URBAN.   The models will never take me seriously as their stylist wearing something like that."

"Did you say Urban?  How about Urban Geisha?"   I was finally able to purchase an Urban Geisha nude on a tall body.  The body had already started yellowing though.  The seller said there were no problems with it, but it is terribly discolored.  I got it at a good price; however, I had contacted another seller who was selling one NRFB for the same price.  I was "next in line" and was too impatient.  Turns out ... after I purchased this one, the other became available.  Total regret!

 "Urban Geisha!  I don't think so.   Another doll!"

I plan on putting her on a NuFace body as soon as they ship.  She is number 27.  I was on e-bay doing one of my "early morning runs" when I spotted an auction for the Dressmaker Details Couture Bubble Dress from the IT Convention.  I thought the seller was referring to the Convention ensemble Beautiful Beaux.  They said it was a pink bubble dress with netting and a bow.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my package.  Spent way too much on this one.  Another regret!

"See ... I told you I was the stylist here.  This is wrong on so many levels.  It looks hideous.  And when I said 'urban' I wasn't referring to another doll!"

"Okay ... how about this So In Style outfit?"  I hope this will end the chastising I am receiving.

 "Well ... it's not so bad.  It does have long sleeves and will be warmer. .... But what is this?  Another redress without my input?"

"Yes ... I also bought a grail outfit from the seller I got Urban Geisha from.  It is the Red Derby outfit.  I have been trying to find something that would look nice on Monaco Royale Vanessa."

"You better keep looking!  That is an amazing ensemble, but it is definitely on the wrong doll.  You need to leave the redressing to me from now on."

"I guess you're right, Chaundra.   As usual."  Even Vanessa looks mad!

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Vanessa said...

Another really fun post. Those Eugenias and Vero are just gorgeous. I'm with Chaundra. You sure have been neglecting sistah girl lately.

Are you going to the doll show at the Cobb Civic Center this upcoming weekend? I will be there trying not to spend my mortgage money. LOL.