Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Something for Everyone

As I develop my posts, I try to make sure that they encompass playline, limited edition, Mattel, Fashion Royalty, etc.  I think I may be spreading myself too thin ... however, my collection really does reflect all things of beauty in 1/6 scale.  I don't discriminate against dolls for any reason.  

I was disappointed in my last post.  It was simply a review of a new doll I acquired.   There wasn't anything of real interest to anyone.   Furthermore, I should've shared where the outfit come from.  A rookie mistake that I will not let happen again.  

The photo was selected as the spotlight photo on Pink Parlor/Vinyl Lounge.  I appreciate that honor more than anyone could know.

The denim pants and jacket were purchased from  BIC before the owner went out of business.   I purchased two pair.   They were manufactured by a company called Sakurana.  I'm not sure how anyone could find these now, but I bet an industrious collector could!  They were abour $40 each set.

They have incredible little metal rivets (that will fall out and are a b***h to find!).     They are distressed and fit the taller girls beautifully as they ride low on the hips.   The jackets are a little long in the sleeve, but are remarkable as well.  They are a little loose on the small busted girls but fit the regular FR line very nicely.  (BTW, Going West is wearing the bodice from Blue Blood Elise.)

The sweater is one of most beautiful pieces of clothing ever produced by Integrity.  It is an incredibly knit sweater and closes with buttons in the back.   It came from the Blonde Ginza Kyori giftset.

Although it was made for a larger busted girl, it looks better on the smaller girls (in my opinion).

Now ... I am going to include something for everyone.  Many of you may know this trick, but I wanted to put it out there for those who do not.   I was thinking about things I use regularly in my collecting that may help others.  

First ... there is the dental brush one uses to clean braces.   If you've ever had braces you recognize this!   They come in a pack of 16 at Walmart for less than $4.   I purchased one of these on e-bay for $3 plus shipping.  When it got it here, I immediately realized I had wasted some money!

They are great for ..... fixing the eyelashes on my FR dolls.   They separate and lengthen eyelashes that have gotten mashed from redressing.  But you must be careful.  If you are too agressive it could pull the eyelash right off.  It has only happened to me once, so I am more careful now.   The results are quite good though.  It can take an otherwise helpless situation and make it easier to live with.

I want to end with an individual photo of Going West.  I thought she would be difficult to redress and enjoy.   Boy, was I wrong!!


divafan said...

Go West looks amazing! I'm so happy to see that she looks good redressed. (BTW, my Go West is named Cecile, after Cecile DePoulignac on Another World -- a real b*#@!)

And I will be buying a pack of those little brushes tomorrow! Thanks for that tip!

Georgia Girl said...

Gorgeous dolls and outfits!

Terri Gold said...

The dental brush is fabulous and I often use one. You can also put a tiny bit of diluted gel on the brush to straighten crooked lashes. It doesn't always work but it's worth a try.

Vanessa said...

I love all of your posts. There is no such thing as a perfect post. Blogging should be relaxing, and fun. Unless of course you are tring to be the blogging queen who makes mega bucks from blogging.

Those outfits are amazing. Great tip, too.

Sabriam - said...

just found your blog today :) Love those outfits! and I will have to get some of those brushes for the lashes on my babies I make. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. Funny how the 'worm hair' is on some of my most favorite older dolls -- Ginza Kyori and Runway Vanessa. The good news is these dolls all have lush ahir with no skimping. For these long curly styles, I often pull the hair back into a loose ribbon, color cooridnated with the outfit of choice, and it can change the overall look without much effort. I DO like your revamped Isha Scene Stealer. Carol Smith