Friday, August 19, 2011

Heartburn Gives Me Doll Collecting

I know it looks like I mistyped that title, but I didn’t.  Honest.   My husband might insist that it is the other way around for him, but for me, this week “heartburn gave me doll collecting”.  

I went to Target to pick up some aspirin, Azo tablets (it really does help with urinary tract health),  and Prilosec for my heartburn.  The Prilosec was on sale, 42 tablets for $24.99 PLUS you get a $5 giftcard.  
Well … I wonder what I could buy with a $5 giftcard …. Hmmmm???   Naturally, I headed straight to the doll department.

I saw the Monster High Gloom Beach Combo set with Ghoulia Yelps … $53.   Even with the $5 off, I wasn’t willing to skirt my rules just yet.

Then I saw her … her beautiful hair and piercing eyes.   I knew that I wanted those white jeans, red blouse, and patent leather belt the first time I saw a photo of these girls … but I never expected to love a Mackie Face doll.   Oh my!!


She was freed from her box immediately upon arrival home.   Her name is Meredith … and we know that when a doll gets a name … she is a permanent resident.   So doll number 15 is Target Collection Red 01.  

I know there are many collectors who love the model muse body.  It is a beautiful sculpt.  But my astronaut cannot walk on the moon if she cannot bend her legs, my flight attendant must bend her arms to motion to the exits at the back of the plane, my teacher must be able to twist at her waist to check over her should for students who are not behaving.  They must be articulated.

Here is Meredith on her new body compliments of a Dynamite Girl.  She is wearing one of the IFDC Randall Craig outfits.


I just love her.  I often discuss my blog entries with my husband, and I always show him new additions to my collection.   I explained to him how I got a $5 giftcard from my purchase at Target and used it to purchase Meredith, getting her for almost 25% off her original price.  “Why didn’t you use the giftcard on the aspirin or the Azo instead?”  he asked.

“Well … I don’t know … it just seemed that purchasing Meredith was the right thing to do.”  I was shocked at the idea.

“Please pass me the Prilosec …”  He just doesn’t understand.


Dollz4Moi said...

Meredith is gorgeous. I bought one of her myself..LOL. Men don't get the doll buying logic. I had a couple of those gift cards from purchases I didn't know came with them. They come in handy ;O)

MJ said...


Vanessa said...

Good decision on your part. What was your husband thinking asking such a question? She looks fabulous! I already have 2 of the 3 Target dolls on my LIST already, plus the gift pack. My 2.5 Barbie Basics should be arriving in the mail any day now. In a way I am going to be happy to see the Basic line go away. I always act a fool with those dolls. I need my sanity back. I have already put the 6 from the 3.0 line on my list.

Dollz4Moi - The words "doll buying" and "logic" should not be used in the same sentence.

Nan said...

I just love your new gal! And the black and white outfit suits her so well!
This my first time to your blog spot! It looks very fun to delve into your site, and I plan to, in my next bit of free time!

Dollz4Moi said...

@Van you are so right the words don't belong together..LOL

@Robin to correct my statement. Men don't get the whole doll buying thing unless they collect themselves :O)

Bree said...

Lovely! I'm tempted by her, too. Mattel did a wonderful job on that asymmetrical bob, even if it is a Mackie face.

Don't feel bad - I used my merchandise credit for returning an iPad case I didn't like for the brunette banged No 3 (Steffie) from Target's collection - I think she will make a wonderful "modern" version of a retro brunette ponytail once I trim and curl her pony tail and bangs. I don't like the vintage or Silkstone faces, but I love the clothes and she will model them nicely.