Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Bang for the Buck

It was my intention to continue introducing my readers to my collection.  You met my playline dolls who reside permanently here in my last post.  I was going to move on to my next group of girls, but a friend and I were talking about some Barbie Models on Location giftsets from five or six years ago.  I was telling her how versatile the pieces were and which dolls looked good in the outfits.   That phone conversation led to this blog.

There were four giftsets in this collection and each giftset included a Model Muse Body Barbie.  I was able to find all four giftsets when they were first released- two were on clearance and one even showed up at my local Tuesday Morning.   The most popular doll was in the Models on Location: Monte Carlo.   (Since these were designed for Model Muse dolls, everything fits that body type, so I didn't include any photos of Model Muse Dolls)

Wearing the Monte Carlo pants and top is Dynamite Girl Feelin' Fierce Dani. 

The pants in these sets fit the first version (before the knee enhancement and the longer legs) perfectly.  They look fantastic on the DGs.  The length is perfect and the fit is comfortable.   I didn't include the jackets because it makes it harder to pose the girls, but the DGs are ideal for the jackets because their hands actually come out. 

 Grace is looking at her watch and saying, "It is about time you realized that you left me out of the last blog post."  Grace is #10 in the playline dolls that reside here permanently.  She was the last doll I added to my permanent collection and was the subject of the previous blog.  I forgot her; I'm sorry, Grace.  She is wearing the Monte Carlo top and skirt.

 Grace is also sporting a DG body.  You can see the skirt and top are perfect fits. 

 The Fashion Royalty women can wear very little from these collections.  The pants are too tight (and too short for the new taller body).  The jackets and sweaters do not come all the way down on their arms.  The blouses are too tight for those big breasteses.  They can wear the skirts and two of the bathing suits.  This is Eris (a Sheer Goddess Veronique on a taller body) wearing the Monte Carlo swimsuit. 

Next up, we have DG Boogie Beach Aria wearing the South Beach casual jeans and peasant blouse.   Aria is also a DG.   I had originally planned on using only DGs for all of the photos and "killing two birds with one post" by introducing that segment of my collection, but then I wanted to show other dolls wearing the clothing. 

As you can see, the jeans are a perfect length and Aria just looks so funky in this blouse!

Silkstones are a "hit" or "miss" with this collection.  The pants are usually too tight.  It's a struggled getting their hands through the jackets, but they are the correct length.  The tops are a tad snug but "do-able".  The skirts fit nicely as does this South Beach dress.

 I thought Lingerie #4 (known as Marilyn) was just radiant wearing this.  

This brings me to the fashionista body.  Again, the pants are a struggle.   The skirts, blouses, and swimsuits fit fine.  Actually, the swimsuits fit this body better than any because their hips are a little thicker. 
Barbie Basics 2.0 Teresa has not been placed "permanently" yet, but she is growing on me.   Especially in this South Beach swimsuit.

By this time, I realized I hadn't photographed anyone except DGs wearing the pants, so I pulled out my favorite Misaki, Harajuku Honey.  Those who have been posting for some time on the boards may remember her from her model training in Europe where she found her Lavender Poodle, Henri.

 The Misaki dolls look extraordinary in everything from this collection.   Their flat feet allow them to stand on their own more easily.   This is the pantsuit from the Milan Collection.  Again, I didn't include the matching jacket.

This is the upgrade Jett from the last Integrity Convention.  She is on the "refreshed" taller body with better knees.  Although she cannot wear the pants, she definitely looks great in the skirt outfit from Milan.

 Even though her legs got lengthened a little, the arms stayed the same.  Everything except the pants can be worn by the new version of the DG girls.

 Kiki holds a very special place in my collection.  She was my model in Pink Parlor's Next Top Doll contest from a few years back.  The Nuface girls are too tall for the slacks and the sweaters/jackets are too short on the arms.  The tops, skirts, dresses, and swimsuits fit fine though.

 Kiki really knows how to work that Milan swimsuit.

 Since the Monogram dolls have similar attributes to the NuFace dolls like Kiki, they can wear the same pieces as KiKi.   Again, no pants, jackets, or sweaters.

 But Blue Chip looks very nice in this dress from the Barcelona Collection.  Even the length works.
 The Poppy Parker girls get a "modern" facelift with these collections.   They are like Honey and the other Misaki dolls.   Everything fits great and looks fantastic on the Poppy Parker girls.
 I really like how I Love How You Love Me looks in this top. This was the pants outfit from Barcelona.  The length is supposed to be low calf: sort of like clam diggers.

I decided to end the blog with another DG.  This is Electro Pop Aria.  I gave her a "faux"hawk in the front.  She looks like Li'l Kim to me.  She is wearing the Barcelona swimsuit which is one of my very favorite pieces.

I call her Kym.  She is a very difficult doll to adjust to with that pink hair, but I just love her.

I didn't include all of the purses or accessories.  Most of the shoes were selected from my stash of shoes and may not be the ones actually included in the giftsets.  These giftsets can still be found and are reasonably priced.   The clothing has NO velcro.  Everything has snaps.  Although items are not lined, they are quality made.  Many cute details.  For the price it is hard to find nicer groups of clothing WITH A DOLL INCLUDED!


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Wow! Another great post! All the girls are just beautiful in the outfits you picked out for them.

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You do such a wonderful job choosing just the right outfit for the right doll. Looks fabulous!

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You have shared a beautiful girls with beautiful dresses here. I like very much..