Sunday, January 16, 2011

Put Up or Shut Up

I have been snowed/iced in for a week now.  I'm tired of it.  Even my dolls are tired of it.   They may not look like it, but they are.

Well, I'm looking directly into the face of one of my New Year's Resolutions.  You know how it is.  We have good intentions when we make those.  We review our life, consider the future, and jump in with both feet!  This year, one of my resolutions was ... "No new doll will come into this house and remain in a box for more than two weeks.  Either she will come out of the box, or she will be re-sold."

My first doll of 2011 was purchased from a kind collector who posted some dolls for sale on the W Club.  I had been watching for this doll for a very long time.  Here is the stock photo from Integrity.

She is Blue Blood Elise Jolie from the 2009 Fashion Royalty Convention.  She was the actual convention doll that everyone got for their $350 registration fee.  She was a limited edition of 350.

When she was first released, it seemed feelings were very strong about her one way or the other.  Many people loved her.  Some disliked her stating that her eye makeup was too dark and dramatic.  I don't believe many remained on the fence.  When individuals started redressing her, others realized her potential.  Some brave collectors actually took her hair down.  Here is a photo used by permission from a W Club member.  The individual who posted this photo is Desiree "Des" Hussfeldt from Alicante, Spain.  She posts under the name "leiameow". 

After seeing this photo, I have always wanted Elise Jolie.  Unfortunately, her cost has always prohibited my purchase of her ... until the first week of January.   Here is the actual photo of my doll.  She is number 033 of 350.  I believe she has a beautiful presentation.

I'm not sure what Integrity was thinking when they included this?  I believe it is supposed to be a necklace.

I really like the shell.  It is a lovely color.
This suitcase was a wonderful addition.  I really like it.

I have the Successful Ascension ensemble from the same convention.  It had a cute little train case that is very similar.  I don't know why they would choose silver metal for the suitcase and gold metal for the traincase, but they did.  Not a good attention to detail.

Also included (in the bottom compartment are a pair of well-made shoes, a pair of black gloves, another set of hands, and a simple pair of black earrings.

Here is a closeup of Elise.  Those cheekbones could cut paper!  But ... now I have a decision to make.  I really like her ... but do I like her enough?   Does she come out of the box?  Or does she get re-sold? 

The hunt is over.  I have acquired my prey.  Do I release her back to the wild or mount her in the case?  I have another week to make up my mind.  Until then ... I am already on the scent of the next doll!


silkstone1 said...

keep elise she is a rare beauty and rare doll I have a few convention dolls myself kyori, isha and vanessa to name a few but I love them so i vote you keep her its fun to see convention dolls in your collection and you wont ever get them again so keep her please.

Vanessa said...

I say keep her, but definitely redo her hair. She looks a lot more feminine with her hair down. I love her accessories.

Rich Benson said...

So what did you decide to do with Elise? I hope you kept her...and re-did her hair!