Saturday, January 1, 2011

Glamour on a Budget

The economy stinks.  Plain and simple.   I believe there isn't anyone out there who doesn't have a family member or friend who is out of work right now.

With dollars needing to be stretched tigher than the elastic on "The Biggest Loser", we have to make sure our purchases are smart ones.  As everyone already knows, I have been on the lookout for the Barbie Basic 2.0 dolls.For the price point of $19.99, they are a good deal  But I have to keep reminding myself that a good deal is only good if there is flexibility and one truly loves the doll.  Sometimes the words "exclusive" or "limited" get in the way of common sense.

I have decided to purchase as many of the BB 2.0 girls that I can find. (I can always return the ones I don't like). The one that seemed to capture my attention for the moment is #4.I believe that she is the "Goddess" mold.  Here is a stock photo of her.

 Her hair doesn't really have a style like the promo ... but few dolls do.  I'm sure with a little boiling water and drinking straws, I could achieve the curls, but I sorta like her without them.  Here is an actual photo of #4 dressed in the Dynamite Girls Vinyl Vintage Reese ensemble that I already own.  

Here is a closeup of her face.  I am a sucker for beautiful eyes.  This girl has a lovely faceup.  A friend on the Doll Boards summed it up wonderfully.  "She has a quiet beauty."  I love this description of her.

At Christmas this year I purchased the reproduction Matinee Fashion #1640 for $26.  It comes with the My Favorite American Girl Reproduction doll. One thing I really love about doll collecting is that everyone has their own personal way of collecting.  Some people purchase a doll and sell off the fashions, whereas other just want the fashion and sell off the doll.  It's a very budget friendly way to add to your collection.

I really think she is going to be my "socialite" in my collection.  I had already purchased a Fashionista for a body swap, so she immediately got articulation.  I couldn't keep referring to her as #4 (afterall that sounds too much like Get Smart).  Her name is now Carli and she is a permaent resident in my collection.

I think she looks chic in my $26 outfit.  She is the first to wear it.  It just seems appropriate to her.

I believe the purchase of Carli turned out to be a smarter purchase than planned.  Collectors have been trying to find cost effective jeans for the taller FR Nuface girls for some time, so it was AN ADDED BONUS that this ensemble fit the NuFace girls so well.  Here is Masterpiece Theater Giselle wearing Carli's original outfit.  I was very pleased with the results.  The length is great.  The pants are a smidge tight in the thigh, but the overal fit works!

So .. for $19.99 for Carli and $10.99 for the Fashionista body I got a great new character for my collection and a super jeans outfit that can be shared by many different dolls here.  BTW ... "No dolls were harmed in the making of this blog".

What does Chaundra, my resident Diva and #1 girl,  have to say about the newest member to our household? 
"Do you think we need a 'socialite'?   What are you thinking?  You mean 'No doll has been harmed in the making of this blog ... YET!'  She needs to watch her scrawny-little-jean-wearing-socialite-behind!"

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Vanessa said...

Great post. Your #4 looks so different. The #4 I saw in the store yesterday looked more like the stock photo. The dolls look so different when they are redressed. I love your Chaundra. I had never even considered getting this doll til I saw yours. You enabler you!